My dishes begin with what I grew up eating and a lot of that has to do with being a 1st generation Filipino raised in Carson, an urban suburb in South Los Angeles in beautiful sunny Southern California.

After School snacks included Top Ramen and Grilled cheeses.  I would rush to Veterans park in Carson, California and grind at the Pits - ledges that was a very popular Blading spot.  When we got bored with that, we would find hand-rails to grind down or spin 540s off the stage.

When the stars aligned, we would get lucky, and the lady pushing the cart with $1 - Elote slathered with Mayo, seasoned with chilli, and queso would be an easy snack till dinner.  Being raised in LA, Mexican food and culture was very much an influence on my life.

Dinner was Mom's Filipino dishes; Chicken Adobo, Sinigang (Sin-ee-Gong), Kare Kare (Kah-rey Kah-rey), Machado, and anything else that involved White Rice and Fish Sauce.  I would complete my meals with Thrifty ice-creams.

Having been told my whole life that Blading would end eventually for me and that I would have to move on, I prepared for the worse and made sure to get a college degree in something non - related to blading. I found Cal Poly Pomona and the Restaurant Management program which naturally gravitated me towards being a Cook.  It was physical, and I got to taste things I always thought was too expensive to buy.  It was awesome.

After completing my degree, I took it one step further at the Culinary Institute of America, learning cuisines of the world, basic cooking techniques, and how to pair wine in wine capital- Napa, California.

I paid my dues working for several Hyatt hotels, golf courses, restaurants, over night room service, and lastly the Terranea Resort in Southern California.  I continued to build my experience making menu's and cooking food for art events on the side, helping open up Flippin' Yolk food truck.

After a tremendous amount of requests for my recipes, I thought it would be fun to share the blading adventures that led to the making of these dishes along with some awe inspiring restaurants from bad ass chefs to authentic hole in the wall restaurants carrying on their traditions.

- Let's EAT!