Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Linda Vista Skatepark and the Adapt Video Premiere

I went to San Diego for the Adapt Brand premiere, to visit some family, and to skate the Linda Vista Skatepark with the dudes. 

I stopped by Donut shop, called Donut Touch.  What an interesting name.  Very filipino Fresh Off the Boat accent that would make the mistake with english being their second language.  
However, I believe they should rename the spot, do YES touch.  I didn't have a donut... I know we had just discussed a bunch of the name but, they have an amazingly cheesy breakfast sandwich.  I'm pretty sure I burnt the roof of my mouth.  Super hot and melty but, i don't regret any moment of it.  I lick my scars in pleasure knowing I had let my mouth enjoy this breakfast delicacy.