Thursday, December 24, 2015

Heart of Compassion Food Drive Luxarmor Blade Demo

I went to the Heart of Compassion Food Drive in Montebello, California which is in East Los Angeles on the Saturday before Christmas.  Not knowing what the event was completely about, I went thinking I was just going to skate and was not prepared for the tremendous amount of kids that were at the event.  I brought my new toy, a GoPro, and not knowing how to fix the settings, I filmed everything on the Square settings instead of wide - rookie mistake.  After the kids saw everyone blading, they were very interested in trying our skates.  Thanks to my Xsjado blades, I was able to give a few lessons on my easy to put on skates.  

The Lux Armor boys put some ramps together and did a blade demo for families that were underprivileged and are going through financial hard-times.  These people waited in line for several hours to receive gifts that they are currently unable to afford. Some parents were laid off, and/or are financially in need.  They played games that provided an opportunity to receive toys.  Others were given a free haircut, Christmas trees, and food for dinner to have a proper holiday and hopefully help these families get back to some financial balance.

This was the first christmas I was able to give people the gift of blading.