Monday, December 21, 2015

Juiced Sucka Foos - Brian Krans Bachelor Party

At the time I started this blog, another bad ass writer who has a few publications now, was Brian Krans. His passion for blading was infectious and it was only natural that I was able to collaborate Blading with Chef Knives with his writing situation,

He resided in Norcal and I, in Soulcal so our visits were very few and far between but when we linked up it was Bladerism at its finest. Several years have passed now and we have grown, and with the Juice Sucka Foos it led him to his then fiance, now wife, and they put together a Bachelor party at every Blader's dream skatepark, Woodward West.

I haven't bladed with these guys in their element since the Culinary school days when I lived in Napa, California. Their crew is still going strong, with being one of the coolest websites online, Ivan and ESG being their filmer & photographer with three top pros from Razors, Rollerblade, and Valo.

When you hang with A players it will only naturally charge up your energy and bring out tricks you would never even realize you had. Thanks for being family JSF and keep doing your thing. It brings the best out in people. Much love from Soulcal.