Monday, July 20, 2015


is an amazing photographer who shot this epic spread of me that we released for my most recent interview/conversation I had with Wheelscene.  

After the interview, I felt naked.  I exposed everything, left it all out for everyone else to see.  This is the company I work for, this is my position, and the conversation became a little heated, but, I respect my interviewer, David McNamara, and felt as if he was doing his job to speak for the public.  But, we both spoke from the heart, and I could not have been any more honest.  

I know these things normally are kept behind walls but, I believe for this company, after being in the hands of so many people, it got lost, and I hope now there has been a better discussion with the people who helped me get here, the people who believe in the brand, and blading, and to help them know that the company is on a lifeline but, I hope to help take it in a better direction.  Like all things, Xsjado is rebirthing, and we will continue to try some out of the box things, and find our niche amongst blading, and in all wheel sports. 

Lots can be said about the last photo... 

But, I guess theres a lot of things that can be said about blading in general...