Monday, May 11, 2015

Back By Popular Demand

Before I departed southern california to train as a Chef in Napa's beautiful vineyards back in 2007, I was spending most of my free time blading and participating in all of the debauchery at the Westminster house (a blader house where the 2 feet cast lived), and after we bladed, we drank and partied with people from all over the area.  Among some of the cool people I have been honored to meet was Russell Mariano - a non blader but, was just as awesome and I later found out he was behind the scenes with Arlo for Gost clothing.  Those few interactions with Russell were always good times and life happens, where we have to work and it distanced us, but, thanks to Social Media, and this blog, like true millennial's we were able to keep in touch.  

Maybe more than 8 years later, Russell had a crazy idea.  Russell, now into Cross Fit, wanted to host a dinner for his friends, that required everyone at the party to wear suits -in Mad Men fashion, and combine it with his love for food as a Foodie.  He requested my services to have a Personal Chef come over and present a thoughtful menu.  Because of our Filipino heritage in the states, we came up with a menu that was very true to my style and I was more than happy to come out of my hiatus. 

The first two items I made were OK, maybe signs that I was a bit rusty, but, the fan favorites that I was able to give the most love to were the lollipop chickens, brined over night, tossed in ginger, green onions, and jalapeños for a green kick, that was delicious on its own and if you wanted to be greedy, tonight was the night, with a sweet chili dipping sauce.

In true foodie fashion, I took the parts that are most often frowned upon, but, are celebrated in the culinary world and especially the Filipino culture by taking the peasant cuts of the pig, snout, ears, and I added pork shoulder to make the infamous Filipino pork dish, Sisig.  Now this item is a labor of love, first boiled for four hours, then marinated, and chopped, and then sautéed with Onions, Bellpeppers, and Jalapeños.  I then took it a step further, with an apple jicama cilantro lime cole slaw to refresh the palette and instead of tortillas to make Tacos, Russell wanted to use Rice buns (bao) to make an asian styled version of the Latin favorite.   

Taylor came, and supported, and everyone wondered when she was going to sing but, tonight she had the night off and instead was eye candy for the Chef.  

If you're looking to host a private event, and want a Chef with a lady that has a beautiful voice, we would love to share out talents.  

Please visit the Sound Bites page on this blog, and lets discuss how we can make a memorable night for you and your loved ones.