Thursday, May 16, 2013

Huevos Rancheros and Russian Vodka Chasers

After Epic Burger we were picked up by Lonnie's friend Wesley, a pretty girl with a boy's name that loved to make U-turns where it was illegal.  Our next mission was to link up with Dan Moroney and catch some couch space with his roommate Anthony Esquivel.  I am not sure how we were connected to them, but, I knew they were blader's, I trusted bladerism, and I was relieved to know, I had a place to sleep.  The boys went out to party and I called it quits on all of the madness I went through.  I did not have the energy to deal with another calamity if it presented itself.  The next morning, I did what I do best to show my gratitude and made breakfast for the household.
Cilantro Cooking Base

Huevos Rancheros
Feeds 5

For the salsa
2 1/2 large tomatoes, small dice
1/2 onions white, small dice
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 serrano, minced
1/4 cup of cilantro cooking base
Salt and Pepper. To taste

1 pack of corn tortillas
10 eggs.
1 can of pinto beans
1 pack of queso fresco cheese
1 avocado

For the tortilla chips
1. Fill saute pan with a 1/4 inch of oil. (Saute pans come in different sizes, the smaller the better. I'm sorry that I can not give you a cup size of oil. The amount varies according to the size of the pan) Heat oil on Medium - High heat till oil is almost smoking. With tongs gently lay 1 tortilla away from you making sure that it does not splash on you and cook until crispy.  Edges should break away with a slight press of your tongs.  Remove from oil and place on a dry towel to absorb excess oil.  Make 10 tortilla chips.

For the eggs
2. If there is excess oil, reserve by removing from pan, and use for eggs.  In a hot saute pan line with oil till its smoking hot. Crack two eggs in the center, ensuring that there are no egg shells.  Using a heat resistant spatula make holes into the egg whites to let the raw egg whites fill in the cracks and cook. When edges begin to brown flip gently to make an egg overeasy (or crack the yolk and you can have a fried egg- whatever you prefer). Place finished eggs on a separate plate to the side.

3. In a separate saute pan heat pinto beans with a Tablespoon of water to avoid burning.
4. Heat another saute pan, line with oil till smoking. Drop salsa into frying pan and quickly toss to avoid burning, just until salsa is wilted.

5. On the plate place a tablespoon of hot beans on the bottom. Put two tortilla chips on top of the beans. One egg per tortilla chip.  Add hot salsa over the eggs. Garnish with queso fresco and diced avocado and serve to your honored hosts.

After breakfast we bladed around Logan Square and then jumped on the "L" to The Pull Shop.

The session was wherever we wanted it to be.  We bladed a parking garage with a downledge that I had the hardest time blading.  On to the next spot.  Rory got a clip on marble ledges, my favorite ledge material.  The wind was coming in tough, and answered the question to why this city was nicknamed The Brick City.  Still too tired from the day prior, ended up taking photos with Chicago tourist things, appreciating my life as a blader.    

I'm pretty sure this photo shows one of the buildings that was in the Transformers movie.  The whole thing is really cheesy but, I have always been a fan of Optimus prime and the autobots.

After the blade session it was time to relax.  I was honored to go with Anthony to his Russian girlfriend's place to go swimming at an indoor pool.  The pool had angled windows on the ceiling, was heated to beach temperatures of 80°.  The residents had access to wave boards, underwater weights, and pool noodles.  I laid weightless, arms extended, relaxed, on vacation.  I took a break from being a chef, a blader, and anything else that involves "the hustle".  One noodle for my feet, one around my waist, a wave board on my back, and another noodle to hold my neck up.  I laid motionless.  It would not have been a suprise if someone called to make sure I was still alive.  Anthony and his girl had a race, did boyfriend/girlfriend stuff, and did some other pool games.  I laid for the entire hour not caring where I was at.

We arrived back at the apartment and was ready for dinner.  Rye bread, steamed Salmon potatoes with thyme, and develed eggs with caviar.  Each bite we toasted and chanted, "Nastarovia", cheers in Russian, and chased with a bite of a pickle.  I appreciated every moment of it, grateful to learn more about other cultures without even having to leave the States.  Everything was delicious, and there really was a Vodka shot after every bite.  I left the place stuffed, 8 shots deep.  We were only a bus ride away from the couch I eagerly looked forward to.