Monday, April 8, 2013

Ripon Blade park and Food Coma

Almost two years now, I have bent over backwards at the crack of a whip, sacrificing my creative freedom, submitting to another horrible boss with "Yes, Chef".  Whatever it takes to make an almighty $1.00.  I continue to persevere, by saving money to live where I do not have to pay dues forty hours a week, giving up nights, weekends, holidays, overtime, family time, blade events, traveling, to compete for a higher wage against those that make half-ass material, and get paid more because they have put in their time.  It is painful to know that my talents, efforts, struggle, freedom, and hard work are to giving for the greater good for a higher corporate being.  But, you can't taste the sweet without the bitter and I look forward to the day I can quit the rat race and drive off course to blade infinitely.

I recently fell in love with the girl who sang this song.  She has family up north that she went to visit and became my perfect excuse to visit my family of bladers in Norcal.  We took a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway to Ripon, California.

Any excuse to escape my painful 9 to 5, to do what I truly love to do, Blading With Chef Knives, and recharge my soul with nor-cal's laid back atmosphere with the Juiced Sucka Foos.   I explored, meeted and greeted, shredded foreign bladeparks, cooked dinner, and tasted the regional culinary treasures.

Taylor even put on her blades as we shredded her family's hometown, the blade park in Ripon.  She got her first strawberry going way too high on a drop in, not familiar with an escape plan. 

The next day we stopped by the Oakland farmers market and ran into this Creperie that was around the $8-$15 price range and made crepes as big as vinyl records.  Food Coma, the perfect name for anyone with munchies.  Making a hard decision passing up the red velvet crepe, we found satisfaction with the Hawaiian crepe that delivered juicy salty ham slices with a pineapple pop.  The pesto aioli on top was a delicious touch with a garnish of carrots for sweetness.  The crepe was served with a side salad with sliced almonds leaving us refreshed.  We devoured like pirates, leaving no bites behind.