Thursday, May 16, 2013


Bladerism, a term I heard for the first time from one of our favorite bladers/blading cup announcer Kennan Scott, as it describes what Daniel Kinney and Bfree's pilot (shown above) is about. author Brian Krans is one of the few blader's I keep in contact with that is from Northern California.  There are plenty more that I tried to connect with but, phone numbers may have changed, and others I just have lost touch with.  Looking for couch space, I asked Krans if he or someone we mutually had known would be able to provide space for me +1 (Taylor). 

Krans would love to have given me some space, but, it would have cost him an arm and a leg, and I would not want to be responsible for my dear friend, unable to blade on the account of me staying one night in the city.  He forwarded me to Kennan Scott, who I remember from blade flicks, and knew of him through mutual friends but never had a solid soul session/conversation.  The last time I remember talking to Kennan was at 2012 Blader Cup where I met eye contact after announcing that my heat was about to begin.  I felt terrible to ask for couch space from someone I hardly knew.  Krans continued to push the idea beyond my skepticism and in a few minutes I was forwarded Kennans number.  Throwing caution into the wind, knowing I have never heard anything bad about the guy, I texted him for help.  He opened his doors without question, let me stay in the guest room, and asked me to bring the Xsjado video to watch my banger.  In return, to show how thankful I was, I brought the Oakland family together and prepared a home cooked meal. We BBQd outside, through the rain, under some shelter as the rain slowly trickled in.    

Chicken Kabobs
Supports 12

Chicken breast, large dice.                                                          4 lbs
Onion, White, Large Dice                                                           3/4 ea.
Tomatoes, Cherry                                                                  1 small basket
Zucchinni, 1/2" Slices                                                                  2 ea.
Bellpepper, Red, ribbed, Large dice.                                             1 ea.
McCormick Grill Mates Maple Smokewood Seasoning             To Taste    
Kabob sticks                 

Rice Pilaf
Olive Oil                                   To taste
Onion, White, small dice        1/4 cup
Long Grain White Rice            1 cup
Chicken Stock                          2 cups
Bay Leaves                                2 ea.
Black Peppercorns                     4 ea.
Salt & Pepper                           To Taste 

Potato wedges
Red Potatoes, quartered 2 pounds

For the Chicken Kabobs
1.  Soak Sticks in water for at least 2 hours.  Correctly Season chicken with salt and pepper and Montreal seasoning.
2.  Take one slice of Chicken and poke through till 2/3 of the end of the stick.  Take a Cherry Tomato and place a 1/8" from already poked chicken.  Zucchinni slice following cherry tomato, and bell pepper alternating veggies and chicken to display beautiful colors. 
3.  Grill on hottest part of the grill placing sticks at a 45°angle, turning every 5 minutes or until nicely browned.  The BBQ we used had a lid so I kept the heat at a medium high and would close the BBQ to create an oven effect slowly cooking the chicken till heated through.
For the Rice Pilaf. 
4.  In a cast iron pan, heat and line the pan with olive oil.  Right before smoking point add onions and saute till sweated.  Add Rice and toast by coating with oil.
5.  Add bay leaves, black peppercorns to release the aroma of the spices and then add Chicken Stock.  Place a lid and cook till rice has absorbed all of the liquid. 

For the Potato Wedges
6.  Heat oven to 425° and toss potato wedges in olive oil, salt, and mccormicks seasoning.  Place in oven for 25 minutes or until outside has a crispy brown exterior.  Reduce heat to 325° and cook for 15 more minutes or until center has cooked thoroughly.  Look for a crispy exterior with a soft, steamy, creamy interior.
7.  Serve to your Nor-Cal homies and say Super thank you to the JSF crew.  JUICED SUCKA FOOS!

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Although its one thing to know something, and another to understand it.  On my trip to Nor Cal I was aware of what Bladerism was, but, after receiving the hospitality from friends I hardly spoke to and felt the family bond of being a blader, I was overwhelmed, feeling blessed and grateful knowing that this was a secret society. That when times are rough, you can always count on bladers to catch you while falling or at least point and laugh at you when you scrape your knee.