Saturday, December 29, 2012

Flippin Yolk: Throwback from May 2012

The beginning of summer was starting to surface, blue skies, white clouds, a cool breeze in air, I wanted to check out a Food truck, called Flippin Yolk started all by Filipinos pushing pinoy cuisine into the U.S.  I bladed 3 miles across Carson…


The dream team (pictured above) were chef’s for fine dining establishments located at golf courses and resorts around Southern California.  Taking the little that they had and with a huge amount of passion mixed in with preserving the food from the motherland (Philippines) bring a fresh perspective on haute cuisine with Filipino food served through The Flippin Yolk Food truck. 

This was their answer to a question that was continuously presented to all Filipinos from people of other cultures that wonder “What is Filipino Cuisine?”. 

Tapsilog - a Tapas style of Filipino food that is traditionally served with garlic rice and a fried egg can now be put into a burrito or tacos for the Carb-free diners.

Being first generation Filipino, I wanted it the way it would be served from the Philippines.  Pork Sisig with Garlic Rice and a Fried Egg On-Top. The portion was perfect, the garlic was great with the egg and the marinated pork had succulent morsels with pork cracklings on top for crunch. 
Blading back home burned off everything I ate and laid me straight into food coma. 
If you want to keep an eye out for these dudes, you can follow them here;