Thursday, November 8, 2012


photo by Chuck C. 
The spot was across the street from the school and while I was pedaling to the trick, I bladed past the school as the kids were cut free to play for lunch.  They quickly ran to the gate.

"Those are cool!" One kid said.  

"Where can I get those?"  Another yelled in the crowd. 

"You're good!"   

"Ha thanx kids."  I went to my car and grabbed a stack of stickers.  I threw them over the fence and an all out riot for free stuff!  

"Can you get away from these kids, I don't want you to look like a molester."  the female teacher taking my kindness for something else.  

I don't even bother with her.  I blade past up the sidewalk and with a wall bump I land the dark slide soul grind.   

We review the clip and my landing was off.  

I'll have to film it again.  I'll return when school isn't in session.

I blade back to my car and another kid asks, "you have more stickers?!"