Friday, November 23, 2012

Bit by The Blade Bug

Lilli my niece, now eight, had bought her own rollerblades! To share Never Never Land with the tomorrow people, I took a few moments in the morning with her to enjoy a blade through the park I began rollerblading at 15 years ago.  Kayla, center stage, is the youngest and still awaits the age and height to put her blades on.

We walked on the grass instead of rolling down hills - Lilli was still getting used to the speed.  Kayla, the younger of the two, like a burst of energy ran ahead of us.

Like Kayla, in the summer of '97 I was running behind the boys that was able to get blades before I did.  At that time I wasn't a rollerblader, I was the wax boy.

Lilli talked about how excited she was to put in time on her blades so that she wouldn't have to push when she went over a bump.

Lola (grandma in tagalog) Lulu was babysitting at the Obedoza residence, while I went to go chef it up.  The kids drew blades in my parking spot while I was at work.

They missed me and rollerblading.