Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Be-Mag + BWCK

Blading With Chef Knives: Pomodoro
Blading with Chef Knives and Be-mag has done a collaboration.  Check out a Pomodoro recipe that features Chuck Cauton, Earvin Pamintuan, Jason Prodigalidad, Diane Salomon, and Chef Al.

I also saw that I am a terrible proofreader and saw an error in one of the paragraphs.  Here is the correct version:

Diane re-united with the secret society of Bladers, that some give shocked eyes and pointy fingers to, as if they are watching the dead walking.  Blader's can spot each other a mile away with a favorite blade design on a T-shirt, an old Senate bac-pac and/or like how chuck and Jason met, through a Emagdnim sweater on Facebook.  After a few comments it was like finding a friend they haven't seen in years.  Jason became a missing link in our blading family.

damn it i suck.