Friday, August 26, 2011

Venice Beach Blade-Park

Since my trip from New York I have been having a hard time turning my car on and shifting it into gear to go anywhere.  L.A. has public transportation and is not the most efficient but, just like in NY it still takes 30-45 minutes on a train to get to the neighboring city. Walking around L.A. is not as convenient as it is in Manhattan, so I spruced up the bike, added a milk crate I stole from the back of a Filipino grocery store down the street, and have been using this thing to go to the closest bus stop or Metro station.

Working on my next food column, I was Four beers deep (I like to drink while I write). Already at the bottom of the barrel, I thought I'd make a quick run, visit the local 7-eleven on Figueroa and 228th, and then made a quick stop by Chuck's house down the street to share my recent purchase.  I biked my way home, paranoid, knowing the ins and outs of the mean streets I grew up on, and crossed through Veterans Park which, can be a hang-out to some of the local thugs that I was hoping I wouldn't run into.  Defending myself right now would be tough.  I made it home safe, and didn't realize how drunk I was until I couldn't keep the bike up.

*No beer was harmed in the making of this blog-post. 

Drunk Bike

I woke up for another day off of work and was excited to do what I love to do on my days off, rollerblade.  Especially at Venice Beach and since summer has been coming to a close, I wanted inside the ocean at least once.  What else would be the point of living in southern california if I can't enjoy the beaches?  Knowing I was going to roll solo, I remember Shannon Rodgers talking about how she had never been there.  A perfect excuse to catch up w/ a friend.  Upon arrival at her place she showed me a new project she was working on, which is pretty fucken funny.

Creepy Best Friend - watch more funny videos     

I parked far from her humble place in Los Feliz just to explore.
Los Angeles Feet Photo

Driving down Sunset Blvd passing through the mansions in Beverly Hills and all of the aspiring gorgeous actresses in Hollywood we parked and bladed into the skatepark.

Venice Beach Skatepark

I love Venice Beach skatepark as opposed to many rollerbladers that I know and respect that hate the park. The place gets crowded and since the skateboarders are territorial of this place they'll wine and cry first chance they get if something slides.  I wax my blade to keep away from any confrontation since I am outnumbered by 96% posers and the respectable 4% that are die hard shredders.  I blade as fast as possible and don't worry much about grinding since this park wasn't designed for any of that.  Another opportunity to grow and expand my blading skills with other obstacles. 

I'm one of the few people that are into shredding the pool, some of the skateboarders are intimidated and the O.G. dudes fitted with knee pads and helmets are in it for the same reason as I am, to Shred, something we can actually see eye to eye on despite the difference of how our wheels roll.  The snake run is fun when you get a chance, the pool is massive, and there are ledges in the back that are fun to play with. 

Its not only the skatepark that I enjoy, its the culture of Venice Beach.  I'm a tourist and there is really no where on this planet that is like it.  Entering any skatepark as the Black sheep (blader), I get nasty looks sometimes as if I was a freak, or a ghost that had just entered the park, an endangered species in the extreme industry. In Venice beach, there are live attractions everywhere, from the oversized humans working out on the muscle beach side to the guy doing flips for a crowd hoping to get some chump change on the boardwalk.  Being a blader is the least "weird" thing compared to the crackheads in that part of L.A.

I love the beach, the sand, waves, blue skies, and salt water in the air with all of the hippies and beautiful California babes.  I don't feel as bad with all of the tourist there, speaking their native tongue, cameras slinged around their neck.  Blading, the Beach, Freaks, Babes, and the Venice Ale House down the street is a recipe for a higher quality of life.  

Venice Ledges

Our blade session ended with a nice blade down the boardwalk and getting to check out these nice concrete obstacles.