Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blader Cup

Popeyes chicken with the white Rice!

Popeyes Filipino

Filipino diets are protein based with white rice. Taking the fast food version of southern food and adding white rice is Asian/Southern fusion at its finest. Some ketchup, tapatio or tabasco is a personal favorite of mine.  This was my 5th meal before I was to compete for the blade cup that I anxiously awaited the next day.

I was informed that NISS, the National Inline Skating Series, an old-school series of competitions, was using the same wood I used to watch old legends like, Roadhouse, Jacklone, Zamora, Feinberg (and even Bailey) compete on. I remember how obsessed I was with blading after going to these competitions. 

I woke up looking for a ride and thought of someone in the long beach area that I haven't seen in a bit.  Mainly for the reason to spend time with someone I could catch up with also. "Kill two birds with one stone." - I never knew who actually said this but, I'm not taking credit for it. I thought of Tinsley and before I had the chance to ask if he could drive he... asked me. Being that I didn't want to go to the competition alone, I said "fuck it", and figured it would be easier for my life if I just took the truck out.

Before embarking on our 26 mile road trip a quick oil change was necessary. The place I went was close to a Filipino shopping area that had a bakery, JBJ's.  Ran across the street and bought two chicken Empanadas that was flaky and crumbled all into my lap. My first bite, I had to chew with my mouth open. I blew steam from the hot filling trying to cool down the mistake of not checking the temp before incinerating my mouth. But, that wasn't going to stop me.  I took another bite, after another, cooling it down as much as I can. 

Chicken Empanada

Parking sucks around Tinsley's place. I met him at the 7-eleven and tried to get ready for the day; jug of water, a red-bull, and dessert for my empanadas.

7-eleven doughnut

Hiding from the Cali sun with sunglasses, Tinsley and I caught up, about our jobs, the women in our life, while sitting in traffic on the 405 south.  The Cali - breeze blew through the open windows sailing into the black truck.   We walked past the Yost theatre that has just recently reopened to get to the space where the competition was held at. 

Yost theatre

We came early. First thing on my mind standing in the hot sun was to find shade. I hung out with the strange creatures and held down the space for the Xsjado booth while everyone was getting their site set - up.  The strange creatures were the only ones who had fold out camping chair (what a brilliant move).  Keith and I held it down on the sidelines and bugged anyone who came in.

Strange Friends

We sat and watched actual bladers put the entire thing together. Jon Julio, directing, Nick Wood was on all sides of the course, screwing rails, coping, a guard rail at the top of the course. The situation became serious when we saw Ivan Narez, Jeff Stockwell, and Brandon Smith run around with a metal piece and an electric screwdriver piecing the part that smooths out the transition from ramp to brick floor.

blader-cup course

I was itching at the neck. Ready to shred, I had to check the other side of the course.

Blader-cup course

As I waited to do my thing I helped Louie Zamora put different frames on his K2s. We caught up. I used to play Halo with him and Randy during the 2nd Regime days when Ranier and Tat would let me tag along.

After I took the bearings out and Louie put the rest of it together I was watching other people shred the course. After stretching I went in, nervous.  I needed to focus.  Tried a wallride to land fakie but missed the landing and banged my right knee. Thought that it was minor at first.  Tried to blade it off and it just kept coming back.  MOTHERFUCKER. 


I surprisingly made it past prelims and wasn't expecting to do so.  Right after the blade-jam my blades came off.  Getting to the finals was going to have to happen another day.  Went in for the semi-finals and cursed my knee to hell. 

I sat at the Xsjado booth and watched the pros compete. Aragon took first. It was a good competition.


Afterwards I hung out for a bit. Not knowing what to do with my life.  The only answer was to take feet photos.

Shoe feet

Out of the corner there was a new way of fashion. Photographers lined up and took photos as ladies made a makeshift runway as bladers surrounded applauding and cheering.  Juiced Sucka Foos, Erick Garcia, walked through once and led the line of girls back.

On the Cat Walk

The night ended with a party at the old themgoods distribution house.

When Farm wears red

There was actually a lot of females at a blading event. The D.J. Relocated from the blade comp to the party. Then there was the dance circle where things got a little crazy.

Dancing Circle