Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rodeo Drive, Babettes Bakery, Peanut Sauce recipe

The following morning Kruise helped me move a couch from Beverly Hills to San Pedro.  Having a pick-up truck can have its benefits (sometimes).  We crossed Muholland Drive, the rich side of Los Angeles, the west side.  Hill-side views, house's with the "U"-driveway (its considered a luxury to drive through your house instead of reversing out of a driveway).

The house we went to was gorgeous, a retro 70's feel.  Lime green carpet, kitchen appliances, the popcorn maker was a faded yellow, brown countertops - the color scheme of that era.  Glass walls lined the backyard to showcase the view and the pool with some greek statues lining the edges.  Its always interesting to see how people live with an extra zero in their income.   These couches were specifically made for a circle room with glass walls for windows showing the hill-side pool.

I just drove from and through south Los Angeles where windows are only large enough for bullies like Debo from the movie, Friday, to come sneak into your crib to steal something.  If your house's fire exits did not have gated windows and/or gated front doors you were almost considered in a "safe" neighborhood.  The front door would require a saw to get through if you were the S.W.A.T. team.  I've seen it happen.  Crack busts right around the block.  Who would have thought that the stuff you see on the news is real?

Since we were in the area, I wanted to show Kruise Ro-day-o drive
(not ro-dee-o, pinky's up!).  Cop cars were Smart Cars.  Apparently no one needed to be handcuffed and put in the backseat since no one dangerous enough would be found in that area.  Then there was the beautiful blonde haired, red head band, green eyed, white fuzzy shirt, red skirt, Barbie's replica walking her punt-sized Pomeranian that is more of an accessory, instead of having a best-friend like Steve  that can capture lizards. 

We drove down the 405 south back into traffic, hopped onto the 110 South, unloaded the couches and crossed the Vincent Thomas Bridge.  We passed one of the largest ports in the country as we saw miles of Truck Containers stacked and Juggernaut Trucks everywhere.  I had to wonder what was really in these humongous bins.  I hope there aren't Asians being smuggled. 

Once in Long Beach, we hit a left on Cherry for an amazing bakery in a ghetto area right next to Poly High School.
Babette's bakery Front door

They had Palmiers, I used to steal these in Culinary School from the baking side and stuff them in my pocket, just like Napoleon Dynamite would stuff his pocket with tater tots.  They are buttery and sweet and crispy and "Fuck yes!" to Kruise showing me this bakery!
Small Palmiers

The pastries were done proper.  Look at the care and love that was put into this tart.
fruit tart

I went in there only for a sandwich.  But, after seeing the craftsmanship with all of the pastries, I had to try a bunch of stuff.  Macaroons were moist and crunchy on the outside. The chocolate swirl was a great addition.  I took small bites and took my time chewing each piece.  I wanted to relive that feeling in my mouth slowly. 

They had Paninin's.  Prosciutto, Brie, Pesto Sauce.  Such a pull.  The sandwich was around $6.00.  The other pastry's were under a $1.00. 
Prosciutto , brie, pesto panini

Kruise and I decided to eat our food at the Xsjado warehouse.  J.C. had a pair of shoes that never came out.  I like how the white soles look, but, the black doesn't look too bad either.
prototype j.c. rowes

After we hung out, Kruise showed me his new hog.
kruise's cali hog

Bonnie made this amazing pasta with green onions, eggplants, and a peanut sauce that I had to have the recipe for.

Peanut Sauce
Yield: 2 cups
Ingredients                                Amounts
Peanut butter                             1/2 Cup
Soy sauce                                   1/3 Cup
Sugar                                            2 Tbsp
Sesame oil                                   4 tsp.
White vinegar                            1 Tbsp.
  Garlic, minced                        3-4 cloves
Water                               1/3-2/3 Cup
1.  In a food processor blend all ingredients together till smooth.  Serve with pasta, spring rolls, or whatever you like peanuts with, if you aren't allergic. 

Eggplant, Scallions, pasta, with a Peanut Sauce

I headed back to J.C.'s after dinner. Negrete and Victor Galicia were there finishing up the L.A. edit of Vic. 

Victor Galicia XSJADO 2011 from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.


and I got to hang out with Miklo.  The coolest dog to have on your team.


I helped J.C. move some couches through a craigslist ad.  The craigslist person had these cool sunglasses.  I went home and called it a day.  Now back to getting yelled at by my new chef.