Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mister Softee and Maloof Park

First thing on the agenda was get to Brooklyn (BK) and meet up Lonnie at Ryan Many's place.  I had taken the train over there a few days before but, that was with the guidance of Robyn, my New York tour guide.  I was instructed to take the N train to Union Square and then jump on the L and get off at Bedford.   

I put headphones on, listened to some biggie (when in rome) to ease the heart attack that I felt coming.  I nervously studied Google maps on my phone and like jumping a huge gap, I said fuck it, and threw caution in the wind.  Checking every tiled sign that indicated what stop I was at, I kept looking to make sure I got off at Union Square.  Its an easy switch onto two trains, passing two stops each, but, I was new.  I eventually made it.  One of the proudest moments I have had in my life, similar to when I had cooked my first meal, baked breaded chicken with white rice, without help from my mom or a recipe card.  It was a rites of passage, my turn to be an adult, I called my mom to tell her the good news.  

I made it to Ryan's, got settled in by watching the movie Signature, and couldn't understand why Alex Nunez had never turned pro?    I discovered another favorite blader of mine on the level right next to L.A.'s legend Tat Nasu.  

Ryan is one of the very few people that I know in that area with a car. Lonnie and I enjoyed our ride to Queens, as Many tailgated, swooped through cars, and wasn't shy to honk his horn or tell the other driver how much of an idiot he/she was.  One driver made a U-turn, which was the kiss of death, as cars from both directions gave the long hard BEEEEEEEP.   

Across from the park was the ledges I used to watch on V.G.'s for every New York spot check that Dave Paine would do.  The ledges that had a blue ground and you were badass if you were able to clear the grate.  I couldn't believe how far my blading career has came.  The Carson boys would never believe it.  

We passed by a Mister Softee

I am a big ice-cream fanatic.  I was advised that the Cherry dipped cone was where it was at, which was absolutely amazing.

I saw bladers on the street, in public, that were actually enjoying hitting the smooth ledges on the opposite side.  I knew this was my one and only time I was going to be there.  Made quick introductions and then left the planet into my own zone.  It was just going to be me and the ledges that I'd have to becareful on to make sure I didn't lose a finger in the grate.    

After the ledges, Lonnie got a clip at the Maloof park.  Stair-Bash to soul.  I can't wait for you guys to see how good Lonnie is blading.  Some people just think he's a filmer.  Some people just think wrong.  Who am I to say what's right or wrong?  I guess you'll just have to be the judge.  

After we bladed the park with the N.Y. locals I finally got to meet up Mark Steffen.  I asked if we could do pizza and a beer. He took us around the block off of Lorimer street to Alligator Lounge.  

Along with your purchase of a beer comes a ticket that you tell this guy who rolls out a personal pizza and throws it in the woodfired brick oven.  

I bought two, we ate and drank, talked about the same thing Krans was talking about in his last article on Blade or Die.  Afraid of traveling the trains by myself at night, I stayed in Williamsburg that day.  I was excited to blade tomorrow.