Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ice-Cream and Scouting

Phew, a breath of fresh air.  New York was exhausting, although it was a pleasant kind of draining, cause it was only half the workload that I normally have to tackle, and I was in a place where I was making a dream come true.  On top of making time to go blading, I quit the job that I just received a promotion for to become the newbie cook at a resort that is really sick.  I had to do some changes and sign some contracts for a new food sponsor on the website now, FoodBuzz.  The Facebook of Food Blogging (kind of corny, I know) but, if you love food as much as I do, peep it.  Thank you for the support. I just bought a T3i for food photography and to upgrade my tourist skills.  I also bought a pannier for my bike so I can stack a milk crate on the back.  I look forward to biking to the farmers market.  I also got a cast iron sizzle plate for my favorite beer food (pulutan), Sigsig.  I look forward to my next food article.

My days off came during the middle of the work-week again, hospitality hours, is what the veterans call it.   I was worn out.  I finally woke up that morning relieved that I actually didn't have to do something.  I knew what I needed to do, and that was blade.  Jordan, the Carson baby, just got his license.  I was ready to go on an adventure that wasn't mine for once.  I love any opportunity to explore and scout the area for spots that according to rollernews I never share?  

Jordan's Ledges


We saw some blade-spots around San Pedro and at a park we also found a weird looking dog with socks and a bonnett. 
Weird looking Dog

We found a school with a cool graffiti sign. 
High School graffiti

Here's a spot.

Then for dinner, Chocolate chip ice-cream with chocolate swirls in the coolest bowl ever.
chocolate chip ice-cream