Tuesday, July 26, 2011


There was a moment in my life when I lived on the farthest east part of Los Angeles, Pomona, and the crew at the time, RollerBangers Crew, consisted of Santos, Cortes, Boogerneck(filmer), and a select few others that included Gonzo. Gonzo always looked out for me and we were best buds. The group grew apart but, the brotherhood will always be there. Gonzo may have left the game a while back. Once a blader, always a blader. We are all cursed, we will always see a rail and begin to wonder how it will slide. Looking for spots is a natural thing that happens in the back of any blader's mind. Gonzo has been bit by the blader bug again and although I work too much, its nice to know that he's still in the game and that I will eventually get a day to run into him and blade.