Friday, July 8, 2011

Deli Sandwiches, Blading Brooklyn, Top Chef Angelo Sosa

The next morning I jay walked, without having to worry about cops caring.  California laws are a bit different than New York.  Along with the difference of the area, Deli sandwiches are everywhere in this neighborhood.  

Italian on a Hero bread.  Salami, pepperonni, and mortadella, banana peppers, lettuce and mayo for $6.00.  Along with a piece of unclean romaine, cucumbers, and a banana.  I saved the other half for breakfast the next day, even though it stood in the humid 80˚ F.  It was just as good as when I had it freshly sliced from the slicer. 

Cesar showed us some of Ryan's clips.  

unfortunately the gate was ziptied.  I found something else to do. 

Damn it, I really wanted to blade this spot.   

Told you deli's were everywhere. 

We went to another spot.  I forget what blade-park this was at, but, I was extremely satisfied to catch these ledges.  They slid just how I thought they were going to.  Smooth, no chunks, and they curved.  I loved how the tiles looked, it was overlooking the bay.  This New York trip was just getting better and better. 

We made it to one last spot near Battery park.  I saw the two down ledges that were in every blade movie.  They curved and almost looked impossible to lock on.  I think Joey Chase did a 540 backside farfig on one, I can't recall in what movie.  I wasn't trying to compete with that dude so, Lonnie and I, had another idea.  I figured out a clip thanks to the aide of Ariel Surun, another New York legend, mad cool.  I love local legends that know what you're doing wrong, cause they've been blading for so long.  I had to leave early for reservations to a Top Chef tasting by Angelo Sosa.  

It was a fancy event, I had an opportunity to wear the Damien Wilson Xsjado shoes.  They just look classy.   On the red carpet for this "hollywood" themed event, we went into a kitchen where Chef Angelo was taking pictures with his guests, had an hor d'oeuvres passing that went terrible as it was a survival of the fittest situation.  Servers weren't able to pass a crowd of a few people without being mangled by the hungry patrons, grabbing rudely at the food, shoving strangers.  The back crowd had a hard time getting food.

Everything tasted good.  The Sliders were alright.  

Carrot ginger shooters. 

Fish tacos. 

I can't even remember what this was.  All of the food was a great bite, yet, I was extremely unimpressed.  I could have done any of these and I'm not even that good.  I like the Chef's that progressed after Culinary School.  This was just an enhancement of everything we have learnt from Culinary School.  The Gancas crew and I, unhappily made the decision to leave and luckily was able to make reservations at Jean Georges, where I had the most extraordinary meal in my entire culinary career.  

*The people that ended up hosting the event realized how bad of an experience it was, refunded the money, and I'm sure will never allow this service to happen like this again.