Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bye New York, Hello Mexican Food.

Here's a view of NY from the airplane.  I caught a piece of the wing on the top right.

Goodbye New York and THANK YOU for the support and showing a guest like me a very warm welcome.  Much respect.  

I had a layover in Houston.  I ate at the Urban Street restaurant, that had braised short rib tacos, with a guacamole aioli.  Tex-mex.  It almost felt like home. 

After 2 hours, I jumped on another plane to Orange county. 

Once I landed, first thing on the list was to get a burrito.  Carnitas (pork) burrito I got from a Mariscos place on Anaheim and Pine in Long Beach.  It was on the way to Erick Rodriguez's.  Rachard, Dre Powell, and Franky were there getting ready to go to a Tyga music video shoot.  Familiar faces.  I felt home.   

I ran home and my nephew and sister were at my place.  I had spent a few moments with them before I had to jump back into working.  I had orientation for the new job, the next day followed by my last 6 days at the Hyatt.  I can't wait till things slow down and I can get back to the Long Beach family.