Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blading around and Le Bernardin

Walking down Bedford heading to S 4th, I passed by this interesting garden.  In New York there's too many people and the buildings have a minimum height requirement of four stories tall.  In a crowded area, the rule is, if you can fit it in, go for it, space is limited. It was interesting to see what people do with space like this when provided an opportunity. 

Apparently this is Jay Z's building.  I remember in Chicago I was stoked to see Oprah's building.  I got the same feeling.  

Lonnie, Ryan, and I went to the Rookie blade-comp at McCarren blade-park.  I had learnt the info visiting their rollerblading news website, IrollNY.  There was a plethora of bladers at the park.  Skateboarders didn't show their face, I didn't get a chance to really talk to anyone except for a kid who said he started the first 3-d blading magazine, Art of Rolling.  The magazine was awesome.  Lonnie and I filmed a few clips.  

After clipping up, we walked around the corner to enjoy a Brazilian lunch at Beco.  Lonnie and I shared a Steak sandwich with cornichons, and a side of crispy potatoes.  We ate outdoors and the server was Brazilian and beautiful just like the restaurant.  Ryan was at the blade-park competing and won 3rd place in the experts division.  He was wearing white xsjado's as well.  Just saying. 

I had to leave early, tonight was the night I was going to eat at Le Bernardin.  Chef Eric Ripert is the host here as he is known for the highest quality seafood.  Business casual jackets were required.   The room was filled with bourgeois individuals, several sommeliers, that had a gold plate around their neck no different than flava flav's Clock.  An old-school theme, Chef Ripert has had this restaurant for over 20 years now.  I couldn't get too much into the food.  The atmosphere was everything I was not.  

All of the photos are low quality, I didn't get to flash inside the dimly lighted room.  I felt out of place and I could tell that there was a common culture, the servers must have known that I was new.  Out of the chef's tasting, I was only able to get into certain dishes.  

I absolutely could not replicate anything here.  They took simple ideas and made them gastronomic.    

This is Wagyu beef, raw, with a crispy potato chip, an aioli and caviar.  The details were exquisite, the flavors were there.  

The individual plate that knocked my socks off, was the charred octopus that added a smoky flavor to the Ocotpus taste.  It was as if the char was missing from its original flavor.  Like it was suppose to be there.  The octopus was tender which, is difficult to achieve.  

The pastry's were delicious.  I could have skipped the other courses and went for just the sweets.  I never realized how important an overall atmosphere can effect the mood, the flavors, the dinner experience.  I respect Ripert's food, although the dining room culture that followed was something I could not get into.  

I enjoyed my time with the company I was with.  I was ready to run and jump to food that was a little more down to earth.  I guess I was not the target market.    

Key Lime pictured below.  Chocolate pictured above.