Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Progression of my idea for Food For Feet Article

As many of you know, switching blade-brands takes a couple of injuries to get adjusted.  Things flex different, weights vary, trick vocabulary will have to do a little more evolution.  I have now been riding Xsjado for approximately 6 months and have been taking a lot of time off due to an injury after another heals.

The front torque picture, my first pic of the week on the website, resulted in a sprained ankle.  When everything was getting better, I bruised my butt cheek at a monday night blade getting air like I was B. Smith.  I 360'd a huge gap in downtown L.A. and it led to a strained knee.  After that was getting better, I missed a topsoul and sprained my ring finger that I think is broken and should have went to the E.R. two weeks ago for.  

I still really want to blade.  I miss her and it aches that I can't be with blading, right now.

So, I was inspired to find food for injuries.  I discovered that salmon, whole grains, and something with viamin C was really good for you.  Wanting to make something that had a bit of asian to it, I started off by having salmon with fried rice.  I thought it was kind of dull so I moved on from that idea. 

I was playing around with an orange at work trying to think of the right dish.   

Then I came up with potatoes since it had a lot of Vitamin A but, it went flat with the broccoli orange and the blackened salmon.  I refused to give up.  I really wanted to make something that was healthy and tasted fantastic.

Then a friend reminded me of ginger and voila!  I thought of how brown rice with ginger and almonds would make the dish amazing!  Adding ginger into the recipe would make it Asian.  Rice with beans and/or nuts makes a complete protein making it, healthy.  Making food delicious and healthy (especially with a Beer!) this has been my favorite dish yet.

I sent the post to blade or die editor, Brian Krans, and am awaiting to make adjustments when he goes over it with his red marker.  Until then... check back and see what I made for my friends Kruise and Bonnie for dinner and how healthy it is to have a Blackened Salmon, Orange Broccoli, with Ginger and Almond Brown Rice. 

If you can't do it right the first time...

try again!

and if you fail that time don't be mad that they will not be willing to take a third photo.  You had two chances buddy.