Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ma Peche and McCaren Bladepark

Upon my arrival first thing on my agenda was to go blade. Lost in a busy city, I was guided to Brooklyn and headed down Bedford street to meet up with Ryan Many and Skyrocket (pictured below).

We stopped by McCaren blade-park in Williamsburg.  The angle iron on the ledges were rusted but slided amazing when properly waxed. We met the local bladers.  No coping, I didn't care, I was blading in New York.

Robyn and I left early to catch a great restaurant thats part of the Momofuku group ran by Chef David Cheng,

We came early in the dinner service, so I let the camera flash in the low lighted dining room. 

At the dinner table, condiments of maggi seasoning and a homemade sriracha stood ready.

Still settling in, I had to go to the bathroom and make lemonade...

We started with a coca cola flavored gamay, 

That went amazing with the eye rolling behind my head, foie gras served with brioche,

Even the fig was filled with Foie. 

We mixed the condiments and added it to this dish.  It was like french fries with ketchup.  Just as good with or without.  Squid served with cilantro, arugula, fish sauce, lime, baby radishes, spring onions, chives, and peanuts.  The peanuts added a crispy contrast in texture.  Fish sauce and lime is suprisingly delicious and went wonderful with the peppery arugula.  Its always a pleasure to see Fish sauce fight its bad reputation since it is always judged by its initial terrible smell.  Like beer it is an acquired taste, but, for us filipinos its in almost every dish.  

We jumped on the opportunity to try all of the veggies.  Everything that came to our table had us licking the plate white.  The only dish that I could not get into was the Sugar Snap Peas that came a little flat.   The baby carrots were tossed in bone marrow and lime with a hint of spice.  The potatoes were potatoes and were definitely better than the snap peas.

Then it came, the hero of the movie, making an entrance after everything had turned to shit and changes the entire mood/feeling of the flick, saving the day.  The pig face dish had me appreciating every breath of my life.  Frizee, with a creamed whole grain mustard, that was encased in a lightly crispy sago rice exterior, inside was shredded tasty pig face meat that was served over some dark beans and apple slices.

After the orgasmic feast, instead of smoking a cigarette, we ordered two desserts.  The strawberries with sweet peas was light, felt healthy, and had me in heaven.  The chocolate bar was the devil in disguise.  It was just as good but, felt bad while eating cause it was too good to be true.

It was only the first day and I was falling way too hard for New York.