Monday, June 27, 2011

Goodbyes and Hellos

One last look at my current situation in L.A. before leaving for my New York vacation, to get a taste of the blading scene and eat at some awesome restaurants, I made sure to spend some time with some of people I love before I bounced. Its always impossible to get everyone.  Pictured below is the lunch I had with my mama who is always making sure I eat.  Her favorite place is El Pollo Loco, so I asked if we could take it to go.

After Lunch I drove to J.C.'s warehouse as he updated me on his current projects as I updated my blades. I wanted to respect New York and shred the streets with fresh feet.

I packed my new set-up in my new Xsjado backpack.  I heard it wasn't even out yet.  I just knew I needed a backpack for NY.

In need of testing my blades out to make sure they would make it on the mean streets, Chuck woke everyone up the next morning and did a good job at gathering team sensitive, (Ranier and E.J) and Earvin to blade Stoner-park in Santa Monica.  Ranier got a puppy that he couldn't leave alone.  I made stops to entertain the dog periodically.  I also sat down to watch pro razor scooters do flair's off of the mini-ramp and do truespin grinds to 270 out while spinning the deck.  The skateboarders automatically categorized them as gay as we were.  I knew what team I automatically was on.  Team fuck up anyone that thinks blading is stupid.

My blades worked out fine, I did the rest of my packing and met up wit E. Rod.  Here's him and his roommate arguing about not being supportive about each other's decisions.  Gangster love. 

I caught dinner with J.C. and Kruise, Tinsley, Sauer who was with Stockwell, Haffey, and Farmer.  What a terrible photo, I really need to start asking people if I can take their pictures.  

After pizza pi, I was on an redline over night to this place.

I took a nap near the empire state building because I was in an Empire State of mind.

Coming from Cali where no one walks, New York has a tremendous amount of people.  The hustle and bustle is busy enough to not let petty things get in the way and a lot more creative ways of businesses to grab people's attention.  At FoodParc the food was ordered off of these screens and you were text messaged when your order was up.  The only interaction with a person was when the food was handed to you.  The menu ranged from hamburgers, salads, pizzas, coffee, and even asian stir fry with roasted ducks.  

Excited to go visit friends and walk through the city, Robyn and I ran through to buy a $8.00 turkey sandwich.  It made one meal to the subway.  One meal when I got to Ryan Many's comfortably.  Then a final breakfast end piece, which was delicious each time I came back.  It was a cold sandwich, with fresh lettuce and tomatoes and crispy potatoes served in a whole wheat pita bread.

 Bringing an L.A. burrito 3,000 miles away sounds spoiled and rotten.  Or maybe i'm just talking about myself.  ?