Sunday, May 1, 2011

Linguini with Italian Meat Sauce

I left my grinder with Martin and he was at Chuck's.  Chuck is a local in Carson, and does tattoos.  Martin has many interesting pieces already.  On one of his arms, he has a Wolf in Sheep's clothing.  Across his Collar Bone, in text, "Bring The MotherFucken Ruckus".  He will wear a "wife beater" the "A-shirts" or Tank tops and "motherfuck" will be out for Mother's and daughter's to see.  Martin's tattoos match his blading, he's into dropping hammers, doing stunts, living life on the edge, real man stuff.   It's nice to have him around again, I look like a priest when he's around.

Forgot the Avant's in J.C.'s car after yesterday's session.  That means I was going to have to head south before I go north.

After getting the blades I jumped on three freeways just to get into downtown.  Negrete wasn't at his house.  He was doing some errands before I got there.

Bored, Honeybaked DVD maker Dylan Davis spent the weekend at Negrete's with Jesus.  We all decided to go out and walk around the city.  Curiosity brought us to a random mexican market.  I was amazed at how large they sold Chicharrón for.  Deep fried pig skin, which is great with Beer. 

There was even a deep fried fish, that had its spine removed and was flattened out. 

Dylan mentioned he had not had a nice bowl of pasta in a very long time.  So, I kept it simple by buying pre-made tomato sauce and thought I'd just brighten up the flavor.  

meat, onion, mushroom mixture.

using my sleeve as a glove to prevent burning my hands. 

Linguini with Meat Sauce.
Serves 7 portions

Ingredients                                                                             Amounts
Onion, white, medium size, small dice                                       1 ea.
Mushrooms, button, square package                                           1 ea.
Ground Beef                                                                                1 pd. 
Prego, Traditional, 24oz.                                                             1 ea.
Oregano                                                                                       3 Tbsp.
Garlic Salt                                                                                    1 Tbsp. 
Pepper Flakes                                                                              1 Tbsp.
Black Pepper                                                                               1 Tbsp.
Linguini, dry, Barilla, 16 oz.                                                        1 box

1.  In a large pot bring a gallon of salted water (must taste like the ocean) to a boil and drop in Linguini ensuring each piece is submerged. 
2.  In a Large Saute pan, line with oil while heating.  Add meat and when half has changed color drop in mushrooms and onions.  Add the prego tomato sauce, oregano, garlic salt, pepper flakes, and black pepper, when meat has completely cooked and allow to simmer for ten minutes to allow all flavors to marry properly.
3.  After linguini is al dente, which can be determined by taking a piece out of the water and biting into it.   Check the center to see if pasta is still raw.  Drain from water and add to meat sauce.  Combine and serve. 

After eating we bladed...