Thursday, May 5, 2011

Liang's Kitchen

 On the north-east side of Downtown Irvine, away from South coast plaza, lies another plaza close to the 5 fwy full of east Asian restaurants.  Of this particular restaurant, I heard from an Asian-food fanatic that lines would extend into the parking lot just to eat in a 15 something table restaurant.

In Liang's Kitchen, we had a hard time picking what to eat. The server had a very heavy Chinese accent, and it didn't help that the menu was first foreign and then english.  The pictures helped tremendously as we chose food by pointing and sort of hoping for the best.  

The first course was savory soy sauce tofu, cilantro, and home-made sriracha.  The porous tofu soaked up the incredible sauce and the texture felt like I was biting into clouds that were packed together.

Beef with in-house made noodles that were a bit hard to pick up with chopsticks.  But, the work was well worth the taste of a small hint of bit of spice with green onion and cilantro.  The meat was savory and salty and had small chewy chunks of fat that were like gushers in your mouth, once you got over the fear of a near coming heart-attack.  

This is a must go to place if you are in the area.