Thursday, May 19, 2011

Joe's Joft

I'm anti-blogging and only posted photos...

Just kidding.  =p

Chicago local Aidan was in town for the weekend.  He went on some crazy bike ride in Mexico that happens every year.  An annual goodie to have the Chicago locals come to the west and hang out for some good ole beer time.  It started at Joe's Joft in Long Beach.  The bar had amazing schooners that I had to share. 

The place is really old apparently.  Upon entering, on your left is the bar.  Across from the bar, through a narrow walkway, sat a lounge area filled with Long Beach Old Schoolers with white beards, and unafraid to yell at the cute hipster in her tights.  They sat in their half circle booths.  We chose to go to the gaming area in the back.  I prefer this game over pool but, I still don't know the name of it. 

The unique thing about this bar was instead of mixed nuts, the bar food included a pickled egg.  It was hard to imagine digesting but, it was vinegary and was calling for a beer to wash it down.  Luckily I had my schooner next to me.