Monday, May 9, 2011

Foyt Wine Pairing Dinner

Last October I took a trip to Nor-Cal for the Valo 4 Life Premiere.  The day after the premiere, I made a visit to Napa.  I went wine tasting and met a Chardonnay that caught my palette.  The scent of the wine snatched me and ignited my wine pairing senses.  I took the curvaceous bottle home and had my way with it, pairing the wine with a cream sauced pasta.  Afterwards, I went home, and told my friends about my experience.

The wine company, Foyt, somehow stumbled upon the posting and offered me an opportunity to try out another wine that they had, a Red Wine - Meritage.  I created an Hor d'ouevre and an appetizer to pair with a Foyt Chardonnay.  Then I made an entree to pair with the Meritage.  Here are the Two Bottles that we tasted before heading to the Farmer's Market. 

Here are some notes we took while deconstructing the wine.  We swirled, took a whiff of the elixir's aroma, chose a color, and tasted.  Food is subjective and people can smell and taste different things.  Here are some of the things we found...

Foyt Chardonnay #67 2009
Nose: oak - vanilla, lemon, honeysuckle
Color: translucent, hay
Taste: tart - high alcohol, granny smith apple, hint of peach, full bodied - like a vuluptuous woman in a tight fitted dress.

Foyt Meritage #72  2007
Nose: Black cherries, overripe strawberries, cassis
Color: Velvet and Rustic Red
Taste: Wood smoke, cherry halls, light tannins, a friendly red. 

We weren't sure what was going to be present at the Farmer's market but, knowing what was in the wine narrowed our choices on ingredient selection.

Tomorrow: The Torrance Farmers Market.