Monday, April 25, 2011

Orphan Easter Sunday Dinner Glazed Carrots

As a family the Long Beach people got together and made a meal that was perfect for the holiday.

Bonnie made funfetti cookies that was iced with colorful sprinkles.  I had to cut myself off at 5.  I felt guilty if I had to put two hands up to tell someone how many cookies I ate before dinner. 

Bonnie also did this cool trick to "smoosh" her cookies.  She floured the bottom of a glass and pressed each cookie to ensure that it cooked evenly.

Kruise and Nick messing with Kruise's new bike.

Cat taking a picture with her underwater disposable of Bonnie's smarty headband.

Four girls passed through that house and each one of them complimented on my shoes.  I'm wearing the Damien Wilson Xsjado mocassins.  It was a warm Sunday on Kruise's lawn while I stood on top of Bocci Balls. 

I think this is for the toilet.

The ham bone as my snack while I played soccer.  

Kevin Gillan and Rashanda showed up with his mother's dip recipes. 
Cream Cheese, chilli with the beans, and some shredded cheese was amazing.

Artichoke dip.

K.G.'s mom's secret recipe.  

Punky Brewster playing Soccer.

We even got ice-cream from the ice-cream truck. 

Ham, Mashed potatoes with the skins on and green onions, biscuits, butter, and
Glazed Carrot
Yield: 8 people

Ingredients                                                                     Amounts
Carrots, small, large Dice or Oblique cuts                             12 ea. 
Butter                                                          1/4 Tbsp.
Brown Sugar                                             4 Tbsp. 
Salt, Pepper                                          tt
Parsley, minced                    2 Tbsp.

1.  In a Large Saute Pan with a lid, (Sautoir with a lid preferred) melt butter over medium to low heat and drop carrots into pan. Coat each carrot with butter by tossing or mixing and place a lid over the pan allowing the carrots to steam.  
2.  Steam for 8 minutes, mix, and check by poking carrots with a fork until tender through the middle.  If still stiff continue steaming.  
3.  Remove lid and mix in brown sugar allowing the water to reduce and create a glaze.  Toss carrots for approximately two minutes and finish by adding the chopped parsley.  

The day was ended with a game of apples to apples.