Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lee's place and Lee's Sandwiches

On our way to Glendale to see Lee Martin's new place and meet up with Victor Galicia and Ben Schwab (whom I haven't seen in over a year), J.C. and I decided to take a detour from L.A. traffic to check out some of the street art. 

Waiting till traffic died down we got to Lee's and he had the best shoes on the block.  

All the furniture was made there and had wheels on them to redesign the entire space. 

Their was a music recording studio that I sat on top of.  Inside, two walls were lined with guitars, the opposing wall had two pianos without a cover showing the naked piano, strike each key.  Listening to Ben play was enough said and it told me what he has been up to.

We sessioned some school around there.

On our way back to Vic's in Santa Ana, we passed through Westminster, northern orange county area, and stopped by a Vietnamese food store which is a personal favorite, Lee's Sandwich.  

In Vietnam there is French influence and so they have very similar pastries like this one with a mango filling. 

Lee's serves the only fast food Banh Mi Sandwich.  French Baguettes made fresh (daily).  Biting through the crispy golden outer crust of the bread and catching the soft and tender filling layered with mayo,  pork, cilantro, pickled carrots and daikons with the taste-bud awakening Serrano slices, was mouthwatering to the last bite.  These sandwiches were good and who can complain, when they are under $3.00.