Sunday, April 10, 2011

Full-House Seafood

Chinatown, Los Angeles.

As night falls, the area fills up with drunks.  People who I don't even know, but, can relate to, because we all share the same marital status on F-Book: Single. 

Having a few rounds of liquid courage, and after throwing my hook out on the dance floor, but, couldn't find the right "fish" to bring home, the bastos (dirty in tagalog) boys and I needed a refill on energy - food.  On Hill St. close to the 110 fwy, one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles,  Full House Seafood, serves food till 3 am.  The perfect place to be when the bars close.  

We ran into fellow Carson folks, sitting in their circle tables, centered with a lazy Susan (a plate that rotates, a convenient way to pass food without lifting a foot).  The room filled with the leftover drunkards from the bar across the street  

Using the Chinese table setting, I ate from chopsticks, and a plate lined with a Chinese style border.  On the table, Soy sauce and a house-made sriracha, replaced a common diner's 57 glass Heinz Ketchup bottle.  Our meal began with green tea.

Hoping to soak up some of the liquor... I ordered a nice helping of tangy with nice soy/salt flavored, Orange Chicken.  Biting  through the crispy breaded exterior, to get to the steamy white meat located within was delicious.  The spoons were only used to serve, as I used chopsticks to serve myself a healthy portion of white rice along with the main components.

E.J. had a shrimp soup, umami with a light shrimp flavor.  The vegetables were not overcooked in the warm-hot broth. 


Honey pecan shrimp, mongolian beef, glass noodles with broccoli; this meal was absolutely amazing.  The shrimp had me coming back after I knew everyone had a good portion.  Sweet shrimp that matched its sweet exterior and the pecans was a good combination.  The Mongolian beef had long green onions that were not overcooked.  Everything was obviously cooked in a Wok, Asia's secret weapon in layering flavors.  A unique technique that the rest of the world cannot compete with. 

Our drunken adventure ended by dividing our check, served with slices of orange, and the stereotypical Fortune cookie.  The sobering meal made it safe to drive home. 

These fortune cookie messages suck. I'd love to make some fun one's, "your wife is cheating on you", "He loves you" & "he loves you, NOT", and the one reminder that some people do not get to hear on a daily basis but, sometimes need to hear, "You're Amazing".