Friday, March 11, 2011

Stoner Park and Korean BBQ with Cerritos Folks

I normally am scheduled to work on the weekends.  Something in the stars aligned or maybe it was Karma giving back for something I must have sucked at.  But, Yes, it happened.  I received a Sunday off.

Being back in the hood (Carson) after leaving for some odd number of years, has placed me in proximity with the Filipino folks. The boys that roughened me up, made me true blue, and showed me what loyalty was about.

We met up and went to Stoner park, a blade-park on Stoner street located somewhere in West L.A. The neighboring cities next to Carson is Cerritos, La Palma, and Buena Park. These places is where I found myself spending a lot of time throughout High school. The area was fitting for my style.  An atmosphere filled with liberal conservatives. A taste of Black L.A. ghetto with a touch of white and corny Orange County.  Combining these two flavors makes for some entertaining people.

After high-school everyone went separate ways, looking for their best method of survival. Coming back full circle we left and live in our hometown's with new stories to share, wiser mindsets, and still the good same ole people we were to begin with.

After the blade-session I toured Daniel and Kimmy's new house.

Shaun Cortes (as seen on the left - Steve Cortes's brother) went to the store and got some Korean BBQ. 

Steve (little brother) found heirloom remedyz and majestic 12's with CDS soul-plates. 

Reminiscent of the years when we would gather at the Cortes's household backyard with everyone coming in to share a beer with the Tita's (filipino for Aunt) and the nephews and nieces that would run around, we spent the Sunday afternoon doing the same thing.  The children were replaced with kids that some of us have actually have and are responsible for.  An eye-opener that are youth is over or is coming to a close. 

The event was done without worrying about being reprimanded by parents for under-aged drinking or smoking.  After a munchies attack we made Korean BBQ in Daniel and Kimmy's backyard.

Pre-marinated beef from Zion Market. 


Daniel heating up the grill for short ribs.

Behind the Bass filled pond that Daniel occasionally fishes in, are the kids screaming at me from a distance.  Adding youthful energy to grown up kids. 

We gathered around one Saute pan cooking our own meals, washing it down with a coors light. 

Rice paper slippery and smooth encased a piece of seaweed that added an asian Mike Tyson punch to the palette with a nice red spicy piece of meat to tantalize the taste buds.  I wanted to stop eating but, couldn't.  After consuming 10 I promised myself to stop.  Too much of anything is bad, right?  But, not when it tastes this good.   

Although we have separated for some years its good to know that my friends are still amazing.  

Pictured from left to right; William Merino, Ejay Sumabat, Daniel Noble, Shaun Cortes, Cappy, Martin Malana, and Steve Cortes