Monday, March 7, 2011

Las Palmas and Bittercold 9 to 5 edit.

The day after the competition I was in search of a ride to the airport. We checked out of the hotel and headed to meet the "Charging" family at Don's.  On the way there we saw a SNOWMAN!  

Well, I missed my flight.  I was lucky enough to catch the flight after it.  I said my goodbyes to the glove shaped state that does not believe in left turns, is layered with slushy white ice, bone chilling air, basements, and snow shovels, to come back to traffic, yield left turns, and the closest thing to a shovel would be found on the highways that are "under construction".
Being away from In 'N' Out and mexican food I knew exactly where I was headed to once I returned.   On the border of Wilmington and Carson, there is a Mexican restaurant, Las Palmas, that has been in business for more than 11 years.  The restaurant survives off of the locals that are devoted to this place, as Family's come here to watch the Laker Games with its big screen televisions and enjoy the Mexican food dishes that are served just as if they were from a Mexican home.  

I went with Chuck Cauton and Dennis Lopez, Carson's past and present bladers.  We sat in the half moon booths made of maroon leather that any mafia gangster would have felt comfortable conducting business at.  The two gangsters I was with, chose to get the Carne Asada Fries.  Fries that are topped with melted shredded cheese, carne asada, guacamole, pico de gallo and Mexican marinated steak. 

I started off with the Albondigas soup.  Nice and tender over-sized carrots, celery, onions, and cabbage just how a Mexican mother would serve to her "Meho" (spanish for son).  The soup was delicious with meatballs and was warm, beefy, with a cumin kick.  It went well with the crisp and light Bohemia Beer that I only sipped to ensure I had a good helping for my next course.

Two hard-shelled tacos.  Flour tortillas that were deep fried with shredded Carnitas meat, lettuce, tomato, salsa, with Rice & Beans.  Having R&B makes it authentic and complete.  Tomato with a slight chilli in the rice along with gooey and cheesy beans.  The tacos cracked as I tilted my head to bite with the contrast of hot carnitas and cold refreshing lettuce.  Now if someone can tell Taco Bell to serve their tacos with rice and beans.... and maybe real meat.  =)

Cesar Macay and Erick Rodriguez were at the bittercold showdown.  They made an edit recently that I made presence in.  Check it out!