Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chinatown, Corazón De Jah Catering, and Beat Swap Meet 3

I was put on the Injury list with a knotted Butt Cheek (no homo) leaving my right leg painful to bend.  As much as I had wanted to blade... I had to cut myself off.  I kept re-injuring my cheeks, which is not a healthy relationship to have with blading.  A healthy relationship I envision is climaxing, daily, cause I was living on the edge, screaming after landing a trick I thought I would never get a chance to do,  abusing and leaving an obstacle near dead cause I pounded it, over and over, landing trick for trick.  I did not like the feeling of being spanked with a bat cause I grazed the coping for missing my topside foot in an area of my body that is an "exit" only.

I took time off to recuperate.  Avoiding a non-productive day, I thought I'd travel, go on an adventure, learn something new around the city that I live closest to yet, know so little about, Los Angeles.  I became a visitor to another industry, and instead of participating, like I do with blading, for the day, my job was observing.  I visited the Hip-Hop world.

I headed North on the 110 freeway, with Chuck, E.J., and Diane to...

...Beat Swap Meet's 3rd Anniversary...
... that was held in Chinatown.

E.J. and I hung out in the cut of the booth... for a bit.  We ended up finding the bar and spent most of our time there.  The area was mainly a collection of vinyls, a place for people who own record players.  When I make more money, I definitely will be digging in crates.  Until then...  We chose to scope out the event and besides the beautiful girls that were everywhere (the blessings of L.A.), we got to see...

 three elements of hip hop... the fourth being graffiti, that wasn't invited, or I missed out on it. 

Here Disc Jockey's fed off of each other's energy as they would jump in once the beat hit right.  Entering with a wiggle of the mixer and using the other hand to run the Vinyl records back and forth, "scratching".  I became hypnotized and discovered that a turntable wasn't just for listening to music, it was an instrument that made music as well.   

  The 2nd element we witnessed was a "cypher", rappers rhyming to something I couldn't hear.  I felt like if I was to go any closer and be part of the circle I'd have to participate.  I didn't want to slay anyone with my dope flows cause anyone I ever stepped to, thinks I'm way too slow. 

The last element we saw was break dancing.  This dude scraped his knees cause he was getting super aggro.  Talk about extreme dancing.  
 Then came the best part of the day.  The time to eat.

Diane helps with a catering company, Corazón De Jah ran by Kenah and Yohaira which, is pushing the next revolution in food, all natural, organic. Hearing these two words sounds expensive, but if there is a higher demand the prices will decrease.  Although with how many people are dying because of obesity and the other sicknesses (e.coli in sesame seeds, spinach, water!) which, are caused by poor treatment of cows and chickens.  It doesn't stop here.  This effects the meat that they offer, our milk, eggs, and the other byproducts.  All of this will create a need for alternatives.  Like I said, higher demand will cause lower prices, so ask your local grocery shop when they are going to start having salmon that isn't farm raised.  Europe already has made the move without any government regulations.  When will the U.S.?  I'm not saying fuck you to beef, I'm just saying...

Here is Diane and crew in their booth with their delicious 
Soyrizo Tacos. 

Here is my terrible attempt at trying to get a picture of the menu.  The line was long and I wasn't in the right mind-state.  If you blow it up and look close you'll be able to see that they sold out on certain items. 

The tacos were on corn tortillas with a flavorful filling.  Cabbage, cilantro, soy flavored chorizo that was spicy and delicious.  The tacos were large and surprisingly satiating. 

I even washed it down with an all natural, non-laced, pure passion drink.  The glass wasn't natural though.  I'm sure that was man-made. 

lastly here's Mckenzie refusing to wear that outfit that is the perfect size for her.