Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bittercold Trade Show and Matt Mickey's cookies

 The first night in town everyone, eager, met at Madison Club Bar and Grill on Stephenson Hwy or otherwise known by its catchier name, "Bar-Bar".  There was a special made banner just for us "Welcome Skaters".  Three elderly mid-sized women / bartenders dashed back and forth trying to serve the overcapacity of people.  The busiest time of the year for them, the blader's knew and took advantage of it, acting like fools.  Nothing could have prepared them for this. 

Cigarette smoke filled the air inside the bar, smoking indoors was allowed.  My sweater the next morning smelled like tobacco.  I've given up smoking that stuff more than a year ago.  They ran out of pitchers and it took me more than 30 minutes to get a beer.  I waited close-by the Chicago natives; Scottie B, Aidan, and Jay Patch.  They say their "A's" different and gave anyone a hard time for trying to cut in line.  As I waited, Karaoke was sung to whomever dared. Whatever happened in Michigan stayed.  After the bar closed there was the after parties in the rooms, for the under-aged at the hotel.   

The Hampton Hotel and the coolest pool I had ever seen.  

Saturday was the tradeshow which, would be followed by the competition.  I woke up feeling like, I shouldn't have drank that much the night before.  I had to shake it off.  Nothing a shower and some coffee would fix.  Bored and alone at the hotel, I asked Lonnie to pick me up.  I wanted to help out my Boss and long time friend J.C. Rowe.   

After an hour of slanging shoes, I asked to walk around.  I wanted to join in on "the deals" and greet my friends / businesses.  After stopping by the Vibralux booth, I passed by Intuition Skate Shop and ran into the great Matt Mickey.  Matt has been selling these amazing cookies.  Six in a bag for a $1.00.  Oatmeal and Ginger were the choices for this trip.  These nice bite-sized morsels were a great snack for the trade-show.  I kept them in my pocket and would revisit these wonderfully chewy but not gooey cookies every now and then.  Just the way I like them.  It sucked when I reached into my pocket and found an empty bag and grabbed a handful of crumbs. 

The trade-show is probably the only time I shop.  I came up with a pair of jeans, 2 - shirts and a pair of Damien Wilson Xsjado shoes, a Trust sweater, and a pair of Black Frames with a shirt from Create Originals

Then it was time for the Competition.  I had to warm-up and adjust to back to blade-mode.  
Jose Fuentes getting Juiced Sucka Fooled out in the stands.

Xsjado edit coming soon.