Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Boiling Crab and Charging Trailer

Southern California is full of people from all over the world.  They began coming from the East searching for gold.  Today Cali houses Mexicans and Asians that come looking for "opportunity".  People in the U.S. may leave home but will magnetize towards each other, thus creating cities that are heavily populated with a certain ethnicity.

Its simple to recognize when your in an area, like Garden Grove, North Orange County, when the driver in front of you brakes for no reason at 30 mph when the speed limit is 45 mph.  The question, of "whats going on?" and figuring out that its another fellow Asian... lost... again, checking each street name.  

Being a fellow Asian (Filipino), seafood is a big part of my culture.  At the boiling crab there is an array of seafood! Being here was like being at the dinner table, legs not long enough to touch the floor, and instead of pizza night, it was a treat when we'd get Crab night.  Crab was boiled and thrown onto a newspaper lined Table.  Each leg, claw, and body part had to be cracked and pried and was eaten with your hands with white rice!  Being part of the extreme industry, its in my nature to destroy things.  Destroying and eating to receive the ocean's culinary treasures of crab meat and other various seafood with BUTTER.  I needed a beer to calm the nerves after this one.      

You start off with the option of being bibbed because this is about to get messy.     

The menu is southern influenced resembling a crawfish boil.  Options of the local seafood; oysters, blue, king, dungeness crab, with the must have shrimp and lobster.  

A pound of King Crab, a pound of shrimp, and some fresh oysters, with two corn on the cobs that is tossed in bags with your choice of seasonings.  Here's Mary squeezing every last bit of flavor onto the disposable table cloth that lined the bench.  

The pen looking item on the corner is a crab knife.  I saw this as a blessing.  As a kid we had a wooden mallet that would smash everything and caught my sisters in the face once in a while. 

Oysters shots, Wow.  My last encounter with oysters led me to throwing up and being bed ridden for three days.  Throwing caution in the wind, I devoured them.  They were slippery, smooth, and creamy.  Worth every bite.  Oysters are considered food for the gods with a spritz of lemon, and a dash of Tabasco.  

We left the table a mess. 

My hands were filthy.

Thank goodness for the paper towel they left us. 

after my Linner (Lunch + Dinner) I got back to work with A.J., Exline, and Drewtube and filmed the rest of the Vibralux Charging intro that is going to be a really good movie in the blade game.  But, don't take my opinion on it.  You'll have to wait and see.

Here's the Trailer...

Happy Birfday Mary.