Friday, January 7, 2011

Vibralux Charging Intro and Animal Style French Fries

 Bright and early, this is Exline with one of the coolest Compton, Eazy E shirts I have seen.  Growing up in the city south of Compton, I appreciate anyone who shows love to Niggahs With Attitude (NWA).  Exline came with Black Betty, currently white Betty, and A.J.  to film a bit more for the next anticipated movie, Charging.

Exline and A.J. didn't blade today to prepare the van for a movie shoot that I'll mention later.  So I caught up with an all-star cast to shred the streets of my local scene, Carson.  That's Kruise, Negrete, and Coward meeting up at Stockwell's new crib, as we watched the Nimh Video.  

Speaking of Nimh, John Bolino was in town.  Here he is shredding the axe.

Kruise drove as Dean and I got to sit in the backseat to bang out some clips.  Well Dean got most of them today.  I relaxed with my sprained ankle.  I was just happy to be with my friends.   

After the session, my truck was needed to help film the intro for Charging.  With no idea what my vehicle was going to be used for, I trusted A.J. to do what he needed to help his idea come to fruition.  

We met up with Drew Bachrach, the one and only YouTube D.J. I know that exists.  He had a projector that A.J. had set up in my truck bed with a generator, a computer, a filmer, and three men holding each item to avoid anything from exploding into a million pieces.  Another filmer was found in shotgun and several other cameras were outside the vehicle documenting the entire event.

The extravagant project/idea that A.J. had, took a bit longer than we had expected, and it was break-time.  We all headed to the infamous California burger joint, In-N-Out.  Having an In-N-Out burger at the end of the day is the equivalent to having beer-time, kicking up your feet, winding down at the end of a stressful work week on Friday night.

The burgers are juicy, with fresh vegetables; crisp lettuce, sweet tomatoes, and sometimes an over sulfuric onion slice.  At the register, the cashier will automatically ask if you want onions or not.  I like onions though. Its a good thing I keep a powerful mint, like altoids, with me just in-case I need to catch some babes.  The burger is served with 1,000 island being the secret sauce wrapped in a sesame seed bun.

The burger menu is kept simple with your choice of having a plain burger, or w/ cheese, or as a double-double.  The establishment has a lot of buzz as it was one of the first drive-thru's in California and chooses to remain in states, Arizona and Nevada, that is local to maintain quality instead of its counter-parts that is looking to satisfy the masses.

The most expensive item is no more than $6.00 for a combo.  Here's Kruise running his mouth with a double-double and fresh French (freedom) fries with a coke.

There are few people that understand the cult following that makes In-N-Out so popular.  Not only do they keep it simple and focus on quality, but, there are many secret things about this burger joint that I am willing to share with you folks who may be found out-of-state  

Not listed on the menu is the grilled cheese for you vegetarians, the animal style, a secret code to have your burger loaded with caramelized onions, extra cheese, "secret-sauce", and pickles.  In the photo above, I ordered animal style fries, Home style cut french fries, with melted american cheese, caramelized onions, and secret sauce.  The cheese over fries are a good combination of salty potatoes that are sweetened with the caramelized onions and are given that mouth-watering kick from the secret sauce.  With the numerous events the day provided this was the highlight to my day. 

Here's a little teaser to the intro, a scene with A.J. presenting his next creation on Betty.