Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vegas and Komol

For everyone that turns 21, there is no better place to celebrate than Sin City.  

Vegas is one of the only places on this planet where things that are taboo can be found as the norm.  The city has the perfect recipe to lose the house, the wife, the car, or even your sanity by frying your mind with drugs.  It all begins by having a sexy girl, disguised as a hooker blowing on your dice, and giving you that extra confidence to bet on the pass waiting for your next number to hit.  Instead you hit that 4 and 3 - Boom! You've crapped out and have lost everything.  So you look to drugs to numb the pain and next thing you know your crossing the street and have to rub your eyes to make sure that that wasn't really Mr. T the size of a midget sitting at Starbucks having a coffee.

 We stayed at the Las Vegas club Hotel & Casino off of Fremont Street, where, of course in a city where you can gamble, you can even make a wager on dinner. There was a claw game to capture real live lobsters that the restaurant right behind will cook.  $2.00 to play the game if you think you are a master at the claw game.  

Staying in any hotel, its a tradition to jump on the bed.  For these two, its re-enacting A.J.'s infamous MTV cribs vid, "This is how we jump on our bed".  We couldn't help it. 

I collect photos of my feet when I travel.  Here's one with Kruise, Shannon, Bonnie, and I (from left to right).  

Las Vegas is a huge travel and destination spot which opens up the opportunity for great chefs and other cuisines to start restaurants for visitors from all over the world.  

Having one day in this area, I made it a point to go out and eat, hoping to learn and gain some more culinary knowledge.   After leading a hung-over group to the middle of no where in hopes of visiting Lotus of Siam and finding out that this specific location does not do lunch on weekends, I had to separate myself from the group before getting my head ripped off. (I'm sorry again to the group that was there.  You know who you are)  Luckily in that same parking lot Shannon Rodgers and I found Komol, an authentic Thai restaurant that was tranquil from the meth and desolate location it was found in.  Beautiful flowers were laid out in between the booths, air conditioning to cool down from the dry dessert heat, and asian flutes created a relaxed atmosphere.

The menu was encased in real wood with beautiful art etched into it.  If we added trucks and wheels to it we could have done a kickflip with how heavy this thing was.  Although details of a menu show how much a restaurant cares about their food. 

The menu had a lot of my favorite Thai dishes, Spring rolls, Curry, and Pad Thai as shown below with the beautiful actress.  We ordered from a woman who had the thickest asian accent.   

I ordered a Pad Thai with Shrimp, served family style to share.  The shrimp tasted as if it were glazed.  The dish was served with slightly salty rice noodles that came from fish sauce and would not have gone well with a person allergic to peanuts.  Bits of peanuts and bean sprouts offered a diversity of texture, crunchy to the soft and gummy noodles.  The green onions added the green bitter kick and lime juice that gave the dish that spark and the immense flavor to satisfy all parts of the mouth.  

Having this well rounded Asian dish, Shannon and I searched around for spice.  We asked for the infamous Rooster Sauce, Sriracha.  Restaurants this authentic do not believe in mass produced condiments and instead served a trio of home-made spices.  This was a unique detail as I have never seen anything like this.  From top to bottom there was a dried spice mix of cayenne and chilli flakes with other things I could not put my fingers on, ginger pickled serranos that cleared my sinuses and had caught the back of my throat, and a sweet red thai chili salsa like mix that was mild in spice.  

To wash away all of the food I had a Singha beer that was creamy and light in flavor.  Again something I wouldn't be able to get in a French restaurant.  

After Lunch we had to go to the bathroom.  She went right, and I went Left.  

It was time now to meet up with the group for debauchery...

tomorrow: OMG Deep Fried Oreos