Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kruise's Birthday

Inline for the next generation of bladers is Kruise Sapstein.  If you haven't seen this guy blade you're going to have to watch the latest Fade Nation.  

Now don't let the beard fool you.  Kruise may look like he can enter a bar with no hassle but, up until a few days ago he has just entered the age where beer can be purchased with a legitimate i.d. - the big 21. Congrats brother and happy birthday.  

The long beach family and its extended members (vibralux) came together to surprise one of our favorite dudes of the crew.  Plotted out by Bonnie, we hid in J.C.s room anxiously awaiting our chance to scream and hopefully scare him.  Unfortunately the way it worked out, it was more of a surprise as to how many people came out of that room as we wished Kruise a "Happy Birthday" high-fiving single file in a "good-game" manner like at the end of a baseball game.   

The boys were watching the basketball game, Iowa Vs. Kansas State and it was the girls that took care of us.  Jessica brought in a Spinach and Artichoke dip that was an amazing appetizer.  Warm, cheesy, gooey served with crackers.  

Michelle had an exclusive balsamic vinaigrette for her mixed green salad that was served with Avocados, Cherry tomatoes, and a new blonde hair-cut.

Jocelyn brought an organic Alfredo sauce with spaghetti noodles that she left in my hands to cook.  If I had known prior that she was bringing this, I could have brought in more ingredients to sort of spice up the sauce.  It is a simple task for a chef, boil pasta in salted water,  and mix with heated up sauce.  It went well with the Garlic bread I made for the fams.     

For the Garlic Bread
Ingredients                                                     Amounts
Butter, softened, room temperature                             1 pound
Garlic, minced                                                             3 ea.
Parsley, minced                                                            1 bunch
Paprika                                                                         3 Tbsp.
French Rolls, separated                                               24 ea. 

A.  Butter must be soft and at room temperature.  Cold butter left out for a few hours won't hurt anyone. Fold parsley, paprika, and garlic into butter and spread on the sliced side of french roll.
B.  Heat a saute pan and place butter side down until butter has melted and created a golden exterior.

Now in Chicago, there is an argument about who has the best deep dish pizza.  Kruise, being the chicago native that he is, believes that Lou Malnati's is the best pizza and having an amazing girlfriend, Bonnie, she had it packed, sealed with dry-ice, and UPS'd to Cali.  Not many, are as lucky as Kruise, to have an amazing exclusive birthday gift.  The pizza was awesome, something that would never be found in this area.  

Here we are sitting around and enjoying the company of each other for this awesome day.  

For dessert, Macaroons.  The best dessert that a Jewish boy can get.  They were covered with powdered sugar and chocolate swirls.  The exterior brought a caramel flavor as all of the sugar was caramelized in the baking process.  Caramely crispy exterior with a moist, rich interior.  Haffey explained that they were like "girl scout cookies but on crack" and Farmer mentioned that they "tasted like Samoas".  These can be found at Babette's Bakery, Kruise's "gem".  I'm definitely going to have to make a visit to this place.