Monday, January 24, 2011

Jambalaya in Rachard and Nicole's New Kitchen

 This little cutie is Jaelynn, Rachard and Nicole's daughter. 

She was hanging out while E. Rod was playing on the new Kinect for Xbox 360

 While they were playing I broke in Rachard's new kitchen.    

I started off by making cornbread.  One of the tips of baking is to combine the dry ingredients, i.e. flour, salt, sugar, and in a separate container put together all of the wet ingredients.  Lastly drop the wet into dry and mix to make the batter.  The muffins were sent off into the oven allowing me time to start making the Jambalaya.  

Here are all of the ingredients for the jambalaya.  This Louisiana dish is spanish influenced due to the use of tomatoes.  In other parts of Louisiana this dish is made without tomatoes.   Some people like to utilize smoked ham (tasso) but, I didn't want to have to find exotic ingredients, so we had Chicken, Shrimp, and Crabmeat.  

With the large amount of ingredients there was, I had to use two pots to cook everything.  Chicken was cooked in the wok, and I had the shrimp and the Andouile sausage (the secret to jambalaya) in another pot.  I later combined everything in that big stock pot in the back there.  
Cooking while on the phone.  Business Chef.  

The photos of me were taken by Kruise.  Here he is with Bonnie.  

Brenda was also there playing on the Kinect.

Franky was in-town and he had dinner with us as well.  

Here is the final product.  Corn-bread with Jambalaya.  

Some people serve jambalaya over rice, I chose to do it over linguini pasta.  

Not only did I get the opportunity to break in Rachard's new kitchen, I was also using his spot for a photo shoot.  I will be featured in the Alternative column for the premiere rollerblading magazine, One.  The photo will be showcasing dessert which was bananas foster.  I can't give too many details as I don't want to spoil it.  But, this is a big opportunity for me as all of my favorite bladers and respected photographers have had a piece in this column in prior issues.  So I'll leave you with the Jambalaya and cornbread recipe because blue balls are the worse feeling ever.

Corn Bread and Jambalaya
For the Cornbread
Yield:  12 muffins

Ingredients                         Amounts

All Purpose Flour                1 1/3   Cups
Cornmeal                                 2/3   Cup
Sugar                                       2/3   Cup
Corn Flour                               1/2  Cup
Baking Powder                          5   Teaspoons     
Salt                                          1/2   Teaspoon
Milk                                     1 1/3   Cup
Butter, unsalted                        5   Tablespoons
Egg, beaten                                1    ea.         

1.  Preheat oven to 350˚F.  Crisco or line a muffin or loaf pan with butter.  
2.  Combine all wet ingredients into one bowl.  
3.  Combine all dry ingredients in a separate bowl.  
4.  Mix wet into dry to make a batter. 
5.  Fill muffin or loaf pan 2/3 full to allow space for rising.  Cook in oven for 55 minutes or until top is golden brown and can be poked with a toothpick dry.  

For the Jambalaya 
Yield: 9 people and 1 baby. 

Ingredients                                                               Amounts

Andouille sausage                                                          1/2 Cup
1 pound 
Shrimp, deveined, and peeled                                            1 pound 
Onion, white sliced, julienned, match stick                  1 1/2 Cup

Green bellpeppers, de-ribbed, sliced                               3/4 Cup
Garlic, minced                                                                 1 1/2 t
Bay leaves                                                                        2 ea.
Seafood magic, Chef Paul Prudhommes mix               2 T + 1 1/2 t 
Tomatoes, small, chopped                                                6 each
Tomato sauce, marinara                                                  3/4 cup
Green onions                                                                   1/2 cup 
Linguini Pasta,                                                                    2 pounds

1.  In a large stock pot heat and line bottom with cooking oil till smoking.  Add Andouille sausage and cook till very lightly brown.  Add Shrimp until light pink and crabmeat.  
2.  Saute Onions and Bellpeppers till sweated and lastly add minced garlic till golden.  (do not burn).  Add bay leaf and seafood magic mix.  
3.  Add tomatoes and tomato sauce and simmer for 20 minutes to marry all flavors.  taste and add salt or more spice according to desired flavor.  
4.  While jambalaya is cooking, bring a pot of salted boiling water together and cook pasta until al'dente (to the tooth)  or can stick on walls. Drain and place in bowl.  Add jambalaya over pasta and garnish with green onions.  
5.  Serve with cornbread.  Enjoy.