Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Years

This date is like a stripper at a terrible nudy bar.  It has a lot of one's.   =)

Being part of the Hospitality industry, I expect to work on weekends, evenings, and holidays.  Including New Years.  When my boss informed me that I would have a three-day weekend for New Years, I screamed like a girl.  But, only on the inside though because real men hold it in.  Which is what I did. 

The rain has been coming in frequently this week in California.  Finding a moment of fresh air and blue skies, I went blading with Jonathan Labez to shoot some photographs for (fingers crossed) an upcoming interview for One magazine.  (blade-life)

2 Tripods.  2 sandbags. Some Xsjado's and a broom. 

We went to this spot in Carson.  The sun kind of screwed this one up.  

After a lot of hard blading, I went to Downtown Long Beach via metro (free!) and got ready for the festivities of New Years Eve. 

We met up with Steve, the dog, before heading out to the party.  

On our long walk to the house party we had to get more liquor. 

While outside, I saw a dude pass by that threw a rude toned "Happy New Years" to everyone.  To my disbelief it was some of the people I celebrated new Years with 7 years ago.  

This photo was taken in 2003 with my Carson family as we celebrated the birth of 2004.  Hard to believe that seven years later we'd be running into each other.  Different people that had a lot of growing up to do with the same brotherly love.  Picking up where we left off.   

John was a skateboarder when I first met him.  I never would have thought that I would be calling this dude family.  It all began as we would meet at In N' Out with mutual friends and began arguing why blading or skateboarding was cooler than the other.  After putting all of the rascism aside we drank, we smoked, and partied all through 2004 like it was New Years Eve, daily.   

After we reminisced about the past,  we went back on our separate ways and made it to the party. 

 After the party I was stranded, with no where to sleep.  My fault on poor planning.  Luckily Black Betty was around and jumped in to freeze in the back-seat for an hour of sleep.  After getting out of the car in search of something warmer, my legs walked as if they had been dunked in ice-water, numb and tingly.

 Vibralux Jeans are a lot more awesome knowing that they were made in the motherland.

Looking to warm up I bought a Hot Chai with Soy and a muffin that is in the shape of a cookie, Cranberry - Orange flavored.  

Cafe Caliente is a humble little cafe that is on the corner of Atlantic and Ocean.  The cafe looks as if it were made from old coffee bags and is a good place to catch wi-fi if your from out of town. 

This is the store owner, who recognizes me by my drink (or hair). I recognize him by his rather rude attitude and after thanking him for having a warm spot for me since I just spent the past 4 hours freezing my tail in black betty, I came to realize he's just a hardass.  Could there be Mafia ties to this cafe? I probably shouldn't mention anything.  Dude's cool once you get to know him.

Thanks to social networking, Bonnie had found out about my failed attempt to remain warm and saved the day by picking me up while she was going out to get groceries.  The least I could do was make breakfast to help save this hangover that we shared and for saving the day. 

 Ingredients                                                        Amounts

Potato, Idaho, grated                                               1/2 ea.
Green Bell Pepper, deribbed, small dice                1 ea.
Red Onion, small dice                                            1 ea.
Eggs, beaten                                                            5 ea.
Pepper jack cheese.                                                 2 Tbsp.
Tortilla, Large, round flour                                      3 ea.
Salsa, Picante                                                          2 Tbsp.

1.  Make Hashbrowns with potato by lining a saute pan with oil and bringing to smoking point.  Let Potatoes cook until a crispy edge has been created on bottom of cake and flip.  Repeat.  Take off heat at desired doneness.
2.  In a separate saute pan, heat till smoking and coat with oil.  Sweat Onions and Bell Peppers tossing until soft.
3.  Add eggs and scrape bottom of pan to prevent any eggs from burning (scramble motion).  Eggs should look firm and yellow.
4.   Remove saute pan from heat and place Tortilla over direct flame no more than five seconds.  Flip to soften.
5.  On a flat surface add desired portion of egg mixture, potatoes, cheese, and salsa.  Roll like a cigarette.  Add avocado and cut in half to begin eating in the center.

This was on Bonnie's fridge.  Too cool to ignore.  

Happy New Years everyone,

let's swear that we'll make this year better than the last.