Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Surprisingly Good

Many people shy away from trying to cook and are afraid that people won't like what they made.  Cooking without confidence will only lead to a trash-can full of slop instead of filling a pot-bellied friend.  Making food is truly not that hard.  Like a chemistry project all it takes is a little bit of this and a little bit of that, mix, taste, and presto - you've made something.  Now its to hope for the best that it doesn't make you sick.  

This pretty scientist here, hard at work is Mary.  Mary has never taken a culinary class nor has any background on the subject.  She is more than just a part-time server at our cafe and is working to pay for her further endeavors, Law School.  

On this random day, she came in wanting pretzels, ice-cream, and snickers.  A trio that sounds delicious on its own and sickening to the stomach when combined.  

Mary's milkshake had a consistency that was goopy and off-setting since the thickness came from the pretzels and snickers.  To our suprise her extreme concoction of salty pretzels with the sweet caramel and vanilla ice-cream was delicious.  A great afternoon snack for a hot - day.  It may be kind of hard to fathom but you can't knock it unless you try it.   

Pretzel - Snicker Milk Shake

Ingredients                                                      Amounts 
Role Gold Pretzels small bag                             1 ea. 
Snickers                                                             2 ea. 
Vanilla Ice- Cream                                             4 cups (1 qt)
Low Fat Milk                                                    2 cups
Caramel                                                             1/4 cup

1.  In a blender scoop vanilla ice-cream into container.  Add milk, crushed pretzels, and pieces of snickers.  Add a quarter cup of caramel and blend until smooth.  
2.  Line cup with caramel, top with whip cream and garnish with a little bit of left-over pretzels.