Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Gear Box Hot Dogs

With the spirit of X-mas in the air, the Long Beach family chose to celebrate by gathering and showcasing ugly sweaters.  Being the gangster that I am, this was the best that I could do when it came to an "ugly" sweater.  I was ready to party with or without. 

Testing out iphone's HD quality, some of these pictures didn't come out as great in the dark as I had hoped they would. 

Some pictures were okay.  The Phone's camera was enough to take pictures of the people I care about.  That's the reason for the holidays, right?  - To spend time with your loved ones.

This is Porter who made an immediate turn when I was taking a photo of him.  He was going back inside the house as he was getting wet from the mist we call rain here in southern California.   

The best part about partying at Porter's Gallery is Steve, owner of Gear-Dogs, brings his cart to share his awesome sausage creations.  

Here is the line.  It was a lot longer before I got here.

That's Steve.  He's easy to talk to and has been seen around bars found in Downtown Long Beach; The Basement, Ferns, Alex's bar, Clancy's, and his personal favorite V-room.  On Friday nights Gearbox can typically be found at the V-room.  

Its almost impossible for me to have an alcoholic beverage without something to eat.  Having a tremendous amount of Coors Light, Gear Dogs is perfect for "palutan" while playing pool or having an ugly x-mas sweater party.  Palutan in Tagalog (the filipino language) translates to any type of food item that is eaten while drinking beer/wine/spirits. 

The menu is simple with three options. 

#1 Fire roasted red bell peppers, grilled onions and pepper sauce 
#2 Fire roasted green chilies with cheddar and jack cheese topped with smoked bacon and "pepper sauce"  
#3 Grilled onions with cheddar and jack cheese topped with smoked bacon and BBQ sauce

The #2 is my personal favorite with his secret pepper sauce that is delicious with the pepper jack cheese.

Gear Dogs is also friendly to people with dietary restrictions with turkey and vegetarian options that Steve likes to call "Smart Dogs".

Steve does do catering.  For inquiries contact Steve.  

Merry x-mas everyone and have a happy holidays.