Sunday, December 26, 2010

Revolution Blade Shop

Southern California gave its first signs to winter with a week long mist.  Memphis local, Quintin Lamb, was in town for that week and trying to push blades on wet cement can get you no where, fast.

Exhausting the weatherproof hangar at Woodward West, the Xsjado team was eager to blade street.  Looking east to avoid the rain storm coming from the west, Phoenix, AZ forecasted sunshine.  An excuse to go visit our friends, including one of the best blade-shops in the game, Revolution.  Making a last minute decision, packed the car, and left at 6:00 am.

Outside of L.A. huge windmills were creating much needed energy.  

The sun started to come out at "Cook" exit.   Hope to find a "Chef" exit one day.

 Kruise came along also.

 On the 10 Highway Blythe, is the last city in California before we would embark on the last two hours towards Phoenix. 

Negrete, Lamb, and Kruise's shoes as we made a pit-stop for McDonald's McGriddle breakfast. 

After a grueling six hour drive we finally made it to the shop.  I have always envied Blade shops like this. Videos can be premiered and watched before purchased, the newest blades and shoes shown - where you can actually try them on to see if you like them or not, clothes on hangers, and having a great place for all of our friends new or old to meet at.

As I put my ankle up on the couch and laid on the floor to nap, I listened to the music of the Valo 4 Life movie that played in the background.  We waited to hang out with long time friend, Kill or Be Killed coordinator, Zack, to make sure we didn't get lost around the neighborhood.   

James, the shop owner at Revolution, provided authentic hospitality, making sure we had somewhere to blade, as he worked the shop helping new bladers purchase the right products for x-mas.

Zack finally came and had to blow in the breathalyzer to start his car.  D.U.I.'s are no joke.

Dinner was caught at a pizza shop local to the university.  Cute college girls came in once or twice and the pizza was thin with oily mozarella.  $3.25 for a slice with one topping and a small drink.   Pizza is always a blader bum deal.

Afterwards we found ourselves  blading a huge Tuesday night session coordinated by James at Tempe blade-park.  The scene was amazing and it was obvious how important blade-shops are to the blader community.  We caught two more spots, found some floor space with one of the bladers we met at the park and was on our way, back to Cali the next day. 

a huge Thank you to Revolution for taking care of visitors who make last minute decisions to visit and for growing the blading community out in Arizona.