Friday, December 3, 2010

Catering Porter Gallery

Every first Friday of the month, Erick Sauer, 

(this guy)

and his roommate Josh have an art show, in Long Beach, at Porter Galleries.

J. Damron was given a space to work with utilizing his expertise in clean, nicely done, wood craftsmanship.  The theme for this show...

Provisions, Ice Sled Escort

 That's an ice-sled on the floor.  He hand made all of that. 


Inspired by the medical packs, this huge tart was broken down into bite size pieces.  Puff pastry filled with sliced pears and brushed with a ginger glaze.  Ginger has always reminded me of medicinal qualities because of its healing properties, saliva production, and increasing the motility of the gastrointestinal tract.

In respect to the artist, the food was designed to accompany the overall theme.  Ice-sled dogs are fed healthy proteins such as Salmon which are high in omega 3's (the good kind of fat) to nourish the critters while sprinting in the bone chilling cold.

Small croutons were made from a baguette by slicing the bread and toasting it crispy enough that it would crumble with the press of a finger.  Cream cheese combined well with the slice of smoked salmon I found at Henry's Market, topped with the a sprig of dill to add to the onomatopoeia, Mmmm.  

Nice Guy Vinny liked it.

Gavin is from Australia and was visiting the L.B.C. If you don't know about him, I think now's the time you learnt, watch this.  Although he's sipping on a brew, there was mexican hot chocolate mixed in with soy milk vanilla.  Perfect for the brisk evening. 

Greg was checking out some of the art deuce.

Most of these photos were taken by Jonathan Labez.  Here's me next to J. Damron.