Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pedlow skatepark

Pedlo Park Session By Rick Rodriguez from 9TO5Mixtape on Vimeo.

Los Angeles is a big city. Pedlow skatepark is found on the north side of Los Angeles, a 45 minute drive, and can even be an hour plus on a weekday in traffic. This is coming from the south side of L.A. near Long Beach. Making the drive to hang out with Rick Rodriguez and locals that grew up with Rachard Johnson is always a treat.

Thank you Justin Berry for your comment on Roller News.

"sigh. that was gangster. in a bad way. chubby thug comeback? hahahah. mike obedoza’s tricks were the only ones i actually enjoyed watching."

This will most likely be my last edit with Valo's. I have personally chosen to leave the company in search of something different. For the record, Jon Julio does take care of his riders, and I am extremely thankful for his support in my blading career.

I will now be riding for the company Xsadjo. It was a choice that took a lot of courage to make (who wants to make the president of rollerblading mad?). Consider this a new chapter and lets look forward to the future.

To all of my friends, I still do encourage you to buy the movie Valo "4 Life". This movie was an epic project to be a part of and I am thankful to even be in it.

Check back for more updates as I travel through a transitional period in my life. Wish me luck.