Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fall Road Trip Edit

S.F. Minutes for from Bruce Bales on Vimeo.

Fall Road Trippin Edit from jbarr on Vimeo.

Not only did I get to share breakfast with Cameron, I also got to shred with the dude.  Here is his trip, I'm at the end, it was nice to have an honorable mention.

Cameron Talbott brought alive an area of the U.S. that was being forgotten about in the rollerblading community, the north west.  Montana is now on the map thanks to this shredder.  It was a pleasure to catch a piece of his road trip he had the beginning of this fall.

Meeting up with him at Frisco, at the Valo 4 life premiere we were the first ones awake and chose to run errands.  An excuse to cruise the city, I asked to jump in the back seat while everyone was getting assembled.  

Kind of unreal that they do this while shipping pigs.  Looking on the brighter side, I'd rather have them laying, ready to be cooked, then squealing and being alive and useless. 

Cameron and party were on their trip so long that this door, if opened, would transport you to another dimension where all of your favorite Blader dvd's were scratched and couldn't play in any dvd player.

After errands we did catch the Irving Street Cafe for breakfast, an old diner, right out of those sixties movies.   An open kitchen, right behind the bar.  Sitting on bar stools, having the northern california rain escape outside as we enjoyed a warm cup of joe.  The chef of this operation laid down my spicy breakfast omelette, jalapenos, mushrooms, and spinach.  I added sriracha for the full effect.  Nicely cooked with my griddled potatoes.

The diner had no set theme, but they did have this Mork picture which was awesome.