Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the Aftermath

Thought I'd share some photos from Jero on Be-mag.  Kind of pumped I made it in the line-up.  Maybe its cause i'm Guilty by Association.  I got to take a picture with Medium rider, Matt Andrews.  Super psyched.

During the making of this movie, I had a chance to meet all of the people who are in it.  For the short amount of time my newly found friends came through southern california, I learned that they were all awesome.  Not just their blading but, including who they were.  Having all of that come together in this movie after two years in the making, it was nice to see the finished product.   

With so many people in the Valo family, I was honored to have received a small portion of time, with back to back clips in a support montage.  One of these clips, that somehow made it into the movie, was filmed by Carson, locale, Joel Buenavista.  Far from serious, he made this little ad.  Here's just a taste of the movie.