Friday, October 29, 2010

Valo 4 Life Premiere and Seniore's pizza

The Valo team premieres its fourth team video '4 Life'.  This is going to be the first movie where I will be watching bladers on a big-screen.

 Making sure to not miss the premiere.  I flew. 

 in a NY jets themed airplane.  Where'd the blue plane go, 'Jet Blue'? 

 a beautiful sunset.

The boss picked me up and dropped me off to an overcrowded blader house.  B. Smith and Peter and I headed our way to the local pizza spot, Seniore's Pizza for dinner. 

 Seniore's was as large as a bathroom with two tables on the walls each with three stools.  The line extended out the door with only two people or so who would get stuck out on the chilly nor-cal evening.  It was either you were in or out. 

Heard through the grapevine that the pesto pizza was where it was at.  I got a Mediterranean slice thinking that there'd be olives, feta, with the pepperoncini.  Peppers missed the invite on the pizza party.  I should have asked.

 Every bite, I had to wrap the stringy cheese around the pizza, as it stretched from my mouth,  as I pulled the pizza away.  It was like prying away a kid that didn't want to leave the playground area at McDonald's.   Holding on.  The cheese not wanting to let go of the pizza.

The pesto was good.  I was hoping for more basil and garlic flavor. Good none the less.   

 Tonight I go to the premiere.  If you can make it, it'd be a pleasure to meet you.  More from frisco coming soon.